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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Automatic Gun Calibration 

This code allows you to shoot EXACTLY where you point the gun on 
the screen. First, insert the Time Crisis CD. Before you turn it on, 
make sure a regular PlayStation controller is in Control port #1. 
Turn the PlayStation on, and when it gets to the main screen, 
unplug the controller, and replace it with the GunCon gun. Your 
shots should now be exactly on the mark, making it a LOT easier 
to activate the debug code.

Cheat Menu 

At the title screen, after you've calibrated your gun, fire two 
shots into the center of the empty part of the letter "R" in the 
word Crisis". Once that's done, fire another two shots at the 
center of the crosshairs above the title.

Easier Game 

When you choose the normal story mode from the title screen 
and can choose either Normal Play or Time Attack, shoot anywhere 
off-screen. The words EASY will appear next to the Normal Play 
mode on the screen. This gives you five hits in the game instead of three. 

Extra life-up 

If at any time during the game you make 50 shots on target in a 
row you will recieve a life-up. You will see the life-up forming after 
about ten straight hits on target then it gets darker and eventually 
becomes a solid life up. 

Pedal Trick 

If you have a racing controller with a foot pedal, plug it into the 
second controller port and use the foot pedal to duck. It's the 
closest you can get to the arcade without buying a stand-up console.

If you don't have a foot pedal, try this but be sure to take off 
your shoes first. Plug a normal controller in Port 2, and place 
it on the floor where you can reach it. You can now step on any 
of the buttons (X, O, etc) and that will make your character hide. 

Quick kills 

There are three occurances where you can quickly kill all enemies 
on the screen. 1)Stage 1 Area 1:At the end, where all the enemies 
are hiding behind and around the lift (the yellow construction 
machine), shoot the box that's on the lift. 2)Stage 1 Area 3:After 
the car tries to run you over ( or you destroy the car ), you see a 
bunch of guys and a bomber. Shoot the box that the bomber is right 
next to on the ground. 3)Stage 3 Area 1:After you've jumped out 
the door, you'll see some guys hiding behind a construction site on 
the right side, a bunch of I-Beams held together by a strip. Shoot 
the strip off. 

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