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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Cars 

To access all cars, enter your name as RONE on the high score screen. 

All Tracks 

Beat a drag race and save your name as MTHREE on the high score screen. 

Bonus Cars 

For three bonus cars in single race mode, enter your name as NOLIFE 
at the high score screen. 

Cop Chase Mode 

Simply enter your name as VRSIX to enable the "Cop Chase" play 
mode. You can use Time Trials, Cup Race or any method that 
requests you to enter a name for this code to work. 

Fear Factory Music Video 

As you know, select Fear Factory songs are included in the soundtrack 
for Test Drive 5. There is also a hidden music video of their song, Replica. 

To access the video, do the following: 

At the main screen, select Full Race 
Select Drag Race 
Win a Drag Race match 
Enter your name as auxyray 
Go back to the main screen 
Select the Fear Factory Video option 

Note: If the Fear Factory Video option doesn't show up, go to the options 
menu and return to the main screen and it should appear. 

Be sure to save to your memory card so that you can instantly 
access the video in the future. 

Headlights always on. 

Go to the full race menu and enter the time trials. Enter your name 
as YUPS and the headlights on the car that you drive will be on even 
if you aren't at a night course. 

New Car in Tournament 

Go through the first race of a tournament (except Ultimate) then 
save your game. Then reset your playstation. After it loads your 
previous game, go to Full Race and choose Time Trials. Pick the car 
you want and race the time trial. After finishing the race, quit time 
trials and got to continue race. Do not go to load, but go straight to 
race. Hit Next Cup Race and you will start the race. You will have the 
car you picked in time trial and there will be no computer cars. Have fun!!!! 

Raining Question-marks 

Start by winning a drag race and put in the record score as MTHREE. 
Then go to single race mode and choose Washington DC-2 as the track. 
Then pick your car. At the very begining turn around go straight 
backwards until you see question-marks flash your screen and 
you will have them untill the end of the race. 

Super Arcade Mode 

For a change of pace, enter your name as SPURT after winning a 
drag race or entering a cup race. 

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