Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: TALES OF DESTINY
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Blue Dragon Summon Disc 

Here's how to get the Blue Dragon summon disc: 

1. In Cloudius, once you've beaten Baruk, search his chair before you 
leave to find an Egg. 

2. Once the Aethersphere covers the whole world, take the egg to 
Lilith in Linea. She will beg for Stahn to give it to her. Being the 
kind-hearted soul you are, Stahn will give it to her. 

3. After a certain amount of time has passed, when you enter Stahn's 
house an event will occur in which a baby blue dragon will hatch from the egg. 

4. Feed the baby dragon all 4 Goumets (A-D) and it will become an 
adult dragon and give you the Blue Dragon Disc! 

Get the BC Rod 

To get the BC Rod, go to Walt's house late in the game. (The guy you 
sold the Old Cane to.) Go into Walt's room, and search the dresser. 
You will find the Old Cane. Use a R. Bottle or Philia's ability "Identify" 
and you will get the BC Rod. 

Helios Passwords 

Type in GIFT or OGRE for items at Helios. Use the password FATE to 
get through the door. 

Infinite Gold 

To do this trick you need Philia to be at a high enough level to have 
the special that acts as a R.Bottle. Go to a place that sells apples, 
buy as many as you can, then use that special to turn them into 
W.apples then to jams that are WORTH TEN TIMES AS MUCH as much 
as apples. Sell those off and buy more apples. Repeat as desired. 

Secret Ending 

To see the concluding dialogue, defeat Leon in Harmentz village.

Secret Lens Shop 

The secret lens shop is located on a small white island just south 
from Hermez village. Just walk to the forest and you will find it. 

Secret Seed Shop 

On the coast west of Junkland, there's hidden seed shop. You can 
use Draconis to go there. 

Tower of Druaga Info 

When the world is completely dark, go to the cave near Janos (first 
you meet Rutee). Put down all the crystal rods on each pedestal. 
The door will open. Before you enter the tower you must know this: 

1.The tower has 60 floor and each floor has secret items. 

2.The tower has strongest normal enemies and you can't escape from battles. 

3.Druaga is hardest boss in this game.

Two-Player Mode 

In the early part of the game the seemingly worthless Channeling Ring 
can actually turn out to be pretty cool. Equip it on the character below 
Stahn, and then press SELECT on the second controller and the 
computer will give the character up (you may have to press it a couple 
of times) and if you have more Channeling Rings you can play up to 
FOUR PLAYERS via the Multi-Tap! 

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