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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Best Ending 

To get the best ending, you must have all 108 characters before you 
talk to Shu about the Rockaxe mission. Also when you near the end of 
Rockaxe Castle, when Nanami jumps out to protect you from Gorudo, 
you must answer very quickly (doesn't matter which answer you 
choose). If you did this correctly, after Dr. Huan reports of her 
unfortunate conditon, he should ask to talk to Shu in private.

Did all that? Alright, then once you've beaten the game, head back to 
Tenzan Path (northwest of Kyaro) and return to that place by the 
waterfall. Jowy's there, of course, and you'll go into a duel with him. 
Just keep on defending throughout it. After that, he'll ask you to take 
his Black Sword Rune. Keep on refusing. Once you've refused enough, 
Leknaat will appear. I won't spoil the rest, but those are the 
requirements for getting the best ending. 

Random Name 

When you are supposed to enter a name, press L1 + R1 or L2 + R2 to 
choose a name at random. 

Random Teleportation Trick 

When you get Viki in your group and ask her to teleport you somewhere, 
once in a while she will teleport you in the wrong place. One of which is a 
hidden room in Radat town. Here you'll find many nice items. 

Recruiting Clive Tip 

When trying to recruit the 108 stars, make sure in Muse you talk to 
Clive. If you do not do this he will not appear in South Window and 
you can never get him. 

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