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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Big Air Trick 

At the last minute before you launch, do your best trick. It should get 
you to 41 feet if you have enough speed. 

Bonobo Secrets 

If you beat the game once with Bonobo you get some new skateboards. 
If you beat the game twice with Bonobo you get Los Angeles in Normal 
or Reverse track mode. 

Bonus Boards 

For new skateboards, beat the game once with each of the hidden characters. 

Bonus Boards...The Easy Way 

On the main menu screen, press right, right, R1, R2, left, left, L1, 
L2. When you enter the code correctly you will hear "yeah!" 

Hidden Characters 

Beating the game twice with the same character unlocks an additional one. 

Character    Unlocks

Ginger       Bonobo the Monkey
Frankie      Shao the Roller-blade Ninja 
Jerry        Mick
TJ           Sarah

Mirrored Courses and Time-of-Day option 

To activate Mirror Courses and Time-of-Day option WITHOUT a code, beat 
the game twice with each of the four hidden characters: Bonobo, Mick, 
Sarah and Shao.

To activate all Street Courses B including mirrored ones B and 
Time-of-Day option WITH a code, simply press RIGHT, Circle, Square, 
LEFT, Square, Circle, R1, L1 at the main menu. 

Play as Bonobo 

At the main menu press these buttons: Right,Circle,Left,Left,Circle,
Circle, Square,Square then you will hear a guy's voice say "yeah" to confirm. 

Play as Mick 

To unlock Mick, press LEFT, RIGHT, CIRCLE, SQUARE, R2, L1, L2, R1 
at the main menu. 

Play as Sarah 

At the main menu press: Left,Left,Square,Right,Right,Circle,R1,R1 

Unlock All Boards 

At the main menu enter: Right, Right, R1, R2, Left, Left, L1, L2. If 
you entered the code corectly the announcer will say "Yeah!" 

Unlock Shao the rollerblading ninja 

At the main menu enter: L2, 0, R1, Square, Right, Square, R1, Square.
If you entered th code correctly the announcer should say "Yeah!" 

Unlock all tracks 

At the main menu press: Right, Circle, Square, Left, Square, Circle, R1, 
L1. If you entered the code correctly you'll hear a voice say "Yeah!" 

Unlock the Gates...the hard way 

Beat the Street Tour with each character to open the blue gates you 
couldn't enter before. Each character you do this with will unlock two gates. 

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