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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus Game 

Go to the practice mode and press Select, then quickly press Up, Up, Right, 
Up, Right, Up and Select. If you did it right a message will say "Here comes 
a bonus game." Enter practice mode and the new mode will become available. 

Fight Ultimate Evil Gouki 

To make Ultimate Evil Gouki challenge you, you must first finish the Arcade 
Mode with at least twp perfect rounds without being defeated. In stage 10, 
Ultimate Evil Gouki will perform a Shun-Goku-Satsu on Vega. 

Hidden Characters 

Go to the Mode Select screen and highlight Practice. Then press Select, 
UP, RIGHT, DOWN, RIGHT, Select. Then if it worked you will see this 
message "Here comes a new Challenger." 

Options Plus 

To unlock the OPTIONS PLUS setting, complete the game in expert mode. 

Play With Cracker Jack's Aluminum Bat 

Select Cracker Jack then immediately press and hold Up, Square, Circle, 
R1, and R2 until the fight starts. When the fight begins you will have the bat! 

Play as Powerful Gouki, Vega and Garuda 

Gain enough experience that the three pictures of Gouki, Vega and 
Garuda are highlighted in the expert mode screen. Now go to the 
character select screen and hold SELECT while choosing either Gouki 
(Akira), Vega (Bison) or Garuda. 

Save The Bonus Game 

Complete the game in expert mode and gain at least 65535 
experience. You will now have the ability to save the bonus 
game on your memory card. 


There are three characters that has the ability to taunt their opponents.

Dhalsim: While in the air press Forward, Forward, Up, Up, Back, Up, Back.

Sakura: press Low Kick, Low Kick, Back, Low Punch, High Punch.

Skullomania: press Forward, Forward+Down, Down, Back+Down, Back, 
Back + Up, Up, Forward+Up and any Punch. 

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