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Original Ken and Ryu 

In Street Fighter 2 Alpha Gold press START once and press any 
button to select them and they will have no power level bars on 
the bottom, meaning u can't use super moves. 

Play Original Characters 

All orignal character can be selected by pressing START while selecting 
the character. This can only be used on characters from the original 
Street Fighter 

Play as Akuma 

Put the curser on Ryu then simultaneously press L1 and R1 to make 
Akuma appear. 

Play as Cammy in Street Fighter Zero 2 

Select Vega in arcade mode and complete the game in first place with 
a score greater than 50,000. Enter CAM as initials on the high score 
screen. Select versus mode, highlight M.Bison, and press START three times. 

Play as Evil Ryu 

Highlight Ryu on Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold and press start TWICE. 
Then press any button to select him. He will be able to do Akuma's 
Teleport and 3 power bar special move "Raging Demon" aka "INSTANT 
HELL MURDER" by pressing Low punch, Low punch, Low kick, Forward, 
Hard punch FAST. 

Play as Evil Sakura 

To play as evil Sakura, highlight Sakura and press start once so evil 
Sakura can be selectable. 

Play as Gouki in Super Street Fighter IIX 

In the selection menu highlight Ryu, Hold L1 and press R1. Now 
you can play as Gouki 

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