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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Beat Darth Maul

Here's a way to kill Darth Maul without putting yourself in danger, 
as long as you still have the rocket launcher and/or grenades. 
After he kills Qui Gon, wait behind the last energy door. You'll be 
able to see him waiting around the corner. Staying behind the energy 
door, wait til it opens, then fire at Darth Maul with the rocket launcher. 
This may or may not bring up his health meter. Either way, it will hurt 
him. You may have to experiment to get the right angle. I was able to 
kill him by doing this, but you might have to finish him off with the light 
saber, depending on how much ammo you've got left. 

Beat Darth Maul...method 2

After Darth Maul kills Qui-Gon, wait until the energy wall is down, 
and then walk just past the door, keeping behind the wall on the 
right, so you can see Darth Maul and still be able to shoot at him, 
but he cannot shoot at you. If you still have the Flash Grenades, 
this would be a good time to use them. If not, you will still be able 
to defeat him. After using the flash grenades, start shooting him 
with your blaster. THis will not bring up his damage, but it will hurt 
him, nevertheless. But only shoot him when his hand is up, getting 
ready to throw his Force Lightning at you. If you time it just right 
every time, you will be able to hit him, and not get hit back! After 
you beat him, just sit back and watch the fireworks! 

Beat the Chancelor Easily

When you walk outside the palace by the round wall you can jump 
and see the Chancelor. Use your stun gun and jump and shoot until 
he dies then you won't have to lose life fighting off the droids. 

Debug Mode (Level Select, Invincibility, etc.)

To activate debug mode, highlight Options at the main menu. Then 
press: Triangle, Circle, Left, L1, R2, Square, Circle, Left. (A tone 
confirms correct entry.) Hold L1 + Select + Triangle to reveal debug list. 

Draw Lightsaber while Underwater or Climbing

To bring out your lightsaber underwater or while dangling on a 
rope (when you normally could not) press start, highlight 
weapons and choose light saber. This helps when you know some 
guy is going to mess with you soon and you need a weapon. 

Health Pack in the Swamps of Naboo

On the second level The Swamps of Naboo when you get to the little 
place with all the Gungan frogs go to the left of the grass and you'll 
find a trail that ledds to a big health pack. 

Lights Out

When your in the Final Battle. Go in the one room where you can 
find Health and there is a chair above the thing that slides out 
for you to get health. Step on the chair and the lights should go 
out. But when you get off the chair the lights come back on. 

Make The Jawas in Mos Espa really big

Put in: Turntables as a code to make the Jawas in Mos Espa really big. 

Saving the Kid on Tatooine

In Tatooine, there's an old woman who asks you to save her kid 
from Captain Neg. Agree to do so, but do not go up the stairs 
like she suggests. The security door will kill you.

Instead, go back to the other house at the top of the stairs. 
Walk out the window onto the ledge. Walk to the corner of the 
ledge, then turn left, and walk a little more. Jump up onto the 
rope, and take it across the road. Jump onto the balcony and 
go through the house.

Walk on the next ledge until you hit a dead end, then jump onto 
the next rope. Jump onto the balcony, and you're in Captain Neg's 
house! Go out back and there'll be two cages, one with the kid, and 
one with a large creature that breaks out and tries to kill you.

Walk into the alley, and if the monster follows you it'll get stuck 
and only be able to deal minimal damage. Open the door and kill 
the guy shooting you, then go back, get the kid and take him to 
his mom. She'll give you an item that is usefull for trading for 
the parts you need for Anakin's Pod-Racer. 

Secret path in Mos Espa

After you go to the room that Jabba's helper takes you to, stay 
at the head of the stairs. Turn to your right and jump, you should 
land on a platform. Follow the path under the stairs and you'll come 
to a room. In the room, walk out the first window jump, on to the 
ledge and the guy inside will give you a full health pack. 

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