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Disappearing Shuriken Trick 

When playing the female character in "Soul of the Samurai" there 
comes a point in the game where she must battle her own brother. 
One of his attacks is to throw several shuriken at her that seek her 
out. To negate this attack hit the SELECT button (after he has 
thrown the shuriken) which pauses the action, then choose the 
ITEM option as if you were going to use an item or change equipment. 
You don't have to use anything, just enter the ITEM mode and then 
exit out using the CIRCLE button. Exit all the way out by hitting the 
CIRCLE button again, and action resumes. 

Once you do this, all the seeking shuriken will have disappeared. It is 
much easier to do this every time he does this attack rather than 
dodge or block them all, as some miss you on the first pass and 
then loop back around to strike you from behind. Other bosses 
also have seeking ranged attacks, such as the head of the female 
ninja group in the woods. I do not know if this works on her attacks, 
I will update as soon as I replay and find out. 

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