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1970s Bonus Level 

To unlock 1970s bonus level, enter the password: Square, R1 (x2), 
L1, L2, Triangle, R1, L2, L1, R2, Square, R2 

Cheat Codes 

To activate a cheat, pause the game and enter its code.

1970s icons -- Select, Circle, Up, Left, Down, Up, Down, Square 
Extra halo -- R2, Circle (x2), Down, Left, Circle, Right, Down 
Klaymen are crazy -- Down, Right, Triangle, L2, Up, Left, Triangle, Select 
Klaymen are fast -- Left, Square, R2, Circle, R1, Down, Circle, R2 
Klaymen are frozen -- L2, Left, Circle, R2, Down, Square, Triangle, Down 
Klaymen are slow -- L1, Triangle, Left, Down, R2, Triangle, Left, Select 
Klaymen are small -- R1, Left, Square, Triangle, R1, Left, Square, Triangle 
Klaymen are tinted -- L2, Circle (x2), Left, Select, L2, Up, Down 
Maximum lives -- L1, Triangle, Down, Left, Circle, Select, Square, Right 
More ammunition -- Down, Circle, Up, R2, Left, Triangle, Select (x2) 
Phart Heads -- R1, Left, Up, L1 (x2), Square, Right, Select 
Phoenix Hand -- Square, Triangle, R2, Left, Select, Circle, Triangle, Right 
Refill status items * -- L1, Triangle, Down, R1, Circle, Right, Up, Select 
Remove text in Pause menu -- L2, Left, Circle, R2, Down, Square, Triangle, Down 
Shoot head -- Down, Square, Triangle, Down (x2), Square (x2), Right 
Skip current level -- Triangle, L1 (x2), Square, Right, Circle, Triangle, Down 
Super Willies -- R1, Left, Square, Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Select 
Swirly Q icons -- R1, Right, Circle, R2 (x2), Square, Right, Select 
Universe Enema -- Left, Triangle, Right, Down, Triangle, Select (x3) 
* Except icons - 1970s icons and Swirly Q icons. 


To play in a world, enter its password.

World 1: Monkey Shrines -- R2 (x2), Circle, Square 
World 2: Hard Boiler -- R2, Square, R2, R1, Square, X, R1, X (x2), R1, Triangle 
World 3: Sno -- Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, R1 (x2), L1, 
X, R1, Square 
World 4: Elevated Structure of Terror -- L1 (x2), Square, L1, Square, 
R1, Square, L1, Square 
World 5: Castle De Los Muertos -- Circle, L1, X, Triangle, Square, X 
(x3), L1, R1 
World 6: YTN Death Garden -- Square, R1, Circle, L1, Circle, R1, 
Circle, L1, X (x2), Square, R2 
World 7: YTN Mines -- X, Square, X, Triangle, X (x2), Square, L1, 
Square (x2) 
World 8: YNT Weeds -- Triangle, R2, Triangle (x2), Square, X, 
Circle, L1, Square, Triangle, Square (x2) 
World 9: Evil Engine -- X, Triangle, X (x2), R1, Square, Circle, X, L1, X 

Video Clip Passwords 

Clip  Password

1     O, L1, X, Triangle, Square, X, X, X, L1, R1
2     O, R1, Square, Triangle, L1
3     X, R2, Square, X
4     Square, R1, Square, X, X, X, O, O
5     X, Triangle, X, X, R1, Square, O, X, L1, X

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