Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: SHANE WARNE CRICKET '99
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Always Win 

To fix the game in your favor, enter the password GETBRIBE. 

Better batter skills 

Go to classic matches and enter BATKINGS as the password. This will 
give you the batting skills of the best batters. 

Big Ball Mode 

In the Classic Match Enter the Password "BIGBALLS" in the password 
section. It will not do anything at this point so then just play a 
normal classic match either the first one or enter another code to 
unlock further matchs and then when you bowl the ball will be as 
big as a beach ball. 

Clumsy Fielders 

To make the fielders drop their catches, enter the password DROPBALL. 

Helmet Cam 

For a different viewpoint, enter the password CHRISREA. 


Level  Password

2      Overtime
3      Sausages
4      Dillbert
5      Batkings
6      Pancakes
7      Friedegg
8      Placebo1
9      Clueless
10     Nowayeas

Play on the Beach 

To play cricket on the beach, enter the password SUNSHINE. 

Super Batters 

For super strong batters, enter the password SUPERMAN. 

Unbreakable Stumps 

To make your bats unbreakable, enter the password SOLIDOAK.

World XI Team 

Enter the password PENSIONS, then select Friendly or Test Series 
to play as the World Eleven. 

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