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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Flame Grilled LeRoi 

To cover Shadow Man in flames, follow these steps. Make your way to 
the very last room in the Temple of Life (it holds the Baton). Next, 
move to the last small room on the right, and press Action at the 
altar. Shadow Man will offer your Cadeaux in exchange for an energy 
upgrade. Press Action again at the altar. Shadow Man will say something 
about the Loa moving out of that altar. Run out and head to the altar 
next to the one you were just in. Press Action at the altar. If 
everything goes well, you should see a "Cheat Activated" message 
flash accross your screen (in the way Luke's teddy bear does). Go 
into your inventory and you should see a new item, the Book of 
Shadows. Select it and your cheat should be there. At the time I 
found this, I had 24 Dark Souls, and that might make a difference, 
but I don't think so. 

Play as Ollaflagebbies 

Kill the attacking beaver in level 7. After doing this lay down by 
pressing the L2 button. It will take you back to the altar. When 
you get here quit and start a new game. When you begin you will 
be playing as Ollaflagebbies.

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