Playstation tips, codes, passwords, hints, cheats, and secrets: SAN FRANCISCO RUSH
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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Alternate Color 

To change your vehicles color, press SQUARE on the car select screen. 

Bonus Cars 

To earn the bonus cars, perform the following actions. 

Muscle Car: find 4 keys in any track; press down at gear selection screen. 

Hot Rod (Rocket Car): find 8 more keys in the other tracks; press 
down at the gear selection screen. 

City Bus: find all 16 keys; press down at gear selection screen. 

Police Car: finish 1 player GP Mode; press down at gear selection screen. 

Taxi Cab: finish 1 player Circut mode; press down at gear selection screen. 

Find All the Keys 

Track 1:

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, there is a hill on the left there 
is a key way to the left. After going through the first bridge, there is 
a fence you can break through. The key is on the opposite side of the 
left hill. Next, there is a key hidden after you get out of the last 
secret. Instead of going right out of the road, go to a little corner on 
the left. Last, After crossing the checkpoint where the finish would 
be, turn left hard. There is a little tunnel. Take it but slow down 
towards the end. Stay on the little piece of green and turn left. The 
key is there. 

Track 2:

There are four keys in track 2. The first key is where you see a 
danger sign go to the left. You should see a yellow ramp. Go slow 
around it and turn real hard. Right behind the ramp is the first key. 
The second key is right when the road splits into two parts. Go to 
the left and go off the jump, but stay to the left side of the road. 
When you hit the jump if you are going fast enough you will land on 
a road, but you have to hit the brakes hard and turn around. Go back, 
but don't fall off. You will see a key to the left when you turn around. 
The third key is when you see the large truck, go under it and hit 
the ramp. If you hit it just right you will land on the top of a building. 
Follow the rooftops until you see the third key. The last key is 
located right after you get the third key you have to hit the ramp 
and jump onto the other rooftop. When you get on the other rooftop 
you have to go through the cones and land in the grass. Drive through 
the grass until you see the key. Once you get the key all you have 
to do is finish the race. 

Track 3:

Off of the start turn right hard into a little maze and there is the 
key. Next, After that first big turn, there is a little hill. Instead of 
going right, go left and the key is on the right side of the right house. 
After the huge jump, befor the turn, there is a little cut of wedge in 
the building. The key is there. And last, go stright over a few ramps 
and jump over the wall. But, you must turn around and the key is 
right next to the wall.

Track 4:

The first key is next to the ramp you go down. After going on it, turn 
around and go the other way next to the ramp. To get the next one is 
very very hard. You must avoid the big turn by going over the ramp 
through the building. But, you have to stay on the next platform after 
he ramp. The key is there. The next key is in the right tunnel when the 
road forks, go left and then turn left when the road gets straight. Go 
through the right tunnel. And the last key is on the left side of the 
left box near the shortcut under the building. 

Race in Reverse 

To earn the Forward/Reverse option you must win in circuit mode. 

Secret Cars 

The UFO:

To race the UFO, go to the car select screen after choosing a track. 
Press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2, then press X to choose a car. Continue 
to hold the shoulder buttons on the transmission screen and release 
after pressing X. Now immediately press and hold the triangle button 
until the game begins. if done correctly you'll be flying the UFO.


To race the min-truck,press and hold L1 while you press X to select 
your car. Continue to hold L1 through the transmission screen until 
the race begins.

British Mini:

To race as one of those mini cars so popular in England, preass and 
hold R1 when choosing your car. Continue to hold it through the 
transmission screen until the race starts. 


On Track 1:

After going through the tunnel, go throught the fence to the left. 
After going through the city bear to the left shoulder. Right after 
the finish line go into the grass and go through the little tunnel. 

On Track 2:

Go through the little tunnel to the left near the beginning. Instead of 
going right, go left off the ramp. Go under the truck to get the key. 

On track 3:

In the beginning, go straight through the building. After the big jump, 
go over the little one and go left (key). After the long stretch of 
road keep going straight. 

On track 4:

To avoid the sharp turn, after going down the ramp, go right off the 
ramp. Go left on the fork, and then go left through the tunnel. 

Stunt Race 

To enable stunt race, win circuit mode. After you have won circuit 
mode, go back to a regular game. Scroll to the weather settings 
until you see stunt race. Now you can play stunt race mode. Note 
that this only works with track 1. 

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