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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Avoid head-on crashes 

Just before hitting an oncoming car, press X (x2) to pop a wheelie.
Instead of crashing your bike will use the car as a ramp. 

Blast 2x 

Hold zoom out, then press the rearview mirror button before 
releasing Zoom out. 

Double damage 

Press L2 + R2 during a race to allow double damage while in Far view. 

Hitch a ride 

Slowly ride behind a car. Then push X (x2) to pop a wheelie. As the bike 
rolls over the roof, push Square to brake. 

No ticket fines 

Pause the game and restart after being pulled over. 

Shortcut for Level 2 

When you are going from Kaffe Koma to the Der Panzer Club there 
is a shortcut that will shave about 2 1/2 miles off the race. It is a 
challege to do but worth it. Go straight for 3 miles then hang a left. 
It will tell you to go straight. Ignore the wrong way sign and just follow 
the road to the Der Panzer Club. This is very helpful. I would only 
suggest this shortcut for experienced rashers. 

Special kick 

Hold Down then press Circle. Release Circle when you want to kick. 

Special punch 

Hold Up then press Circle. Release Circle when you want to punch. 

Steal weapon 

With your bare hand, punch a rider who has his weapon drawn to steal the weapon. 

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