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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Alternate Costumes 

Hinata, Natsu, Tiffany, and Kyoko have alternate costumes. Normally 
the female sub characters will give you life-ups or add to your super 
bars, but these versions actually attack. To earn these characters, 
beat the game with members that are in the same schools as the hidden ones.

Hinata in her t-shirt and underwear play through and beat the game 
with Hinata, Batsu, and Kyosuke. 

Tiffany in her school uniform. beat the with Tiffany, Roy, and Boman. 

Natsu in a dress uniform. Beat the game with Natsu, Shoma, and Roberto. 

Kyoko in a nightshirt and boxers. Beat the game with Kyoko, and Hideo. 
After this is done put the short cut mode on, and they will be on the buttom row. 

Bonus Game Modes 

The following secret modes will appear on the main menu after you've 
unlocked them.

Target Mode: Finish a one player game playing as any character 
on any difficulty setting. 

Home Run Mode: Finish a one player game as Shoma on the highest 
difficulty setting. 

Shoot-Out mode: Finish a one player game as Roberto on the 
highest difficulty setting. 

Service mode: Finish the game with Natsu on the highest difficulty setting. 

Edit Character Test List in the Japanese Version 

If you want to edit a character, you'll have to beat the following six tests:

1st Test

a. Walk Forward or Back (tap F or B)
b. Crouch or Jump (tap D or U)
c. Low Punch or High Punch
d. Low Kick or High Kick
e. Compilation

2nd Test

a. Run Forward or Hop Back (tap FF or BB)
b. Side Step Foreground or Background
c. Crouch, Jump, or High Jump (DF)
d. Throw
e. Compilation

3rd Test

a. Falling Save (when falling tap any 2 buttons)
b. Roll (when lying on the ground tap F,B,U, or D)
c. Team Assist (P+K)
d. Compilation

4th Test

a. Air Bash (DF + P/K then U and attack)
b. Rolling Attack (same as roll but press HP/HK button to attack)
c. Teddy Counter (when you blocking, press F + any button)
d. Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation

5th Test

a. Turning Side Step (FF + D/U + Sidestep)
b. Anti Throw (press Throw when the opponent is trying to throw you... Timing)
c. Anti Attack (press any attack when the opponent is trying to attack you... Timing)
d. Counter - Burning Vigor Attack
e. Compilation

Final Test

a. Compilation 1st Test
b. Compilation 2nd Test
c. Compilation 3rd Test
d. Compilation 4th and 5th Test
e. Compilation - all
f. Attack 30x

Then you'll have CLEAR data. 

Fight the Real Boss 

When you get to the seventh fight (what would normally be the last 
fight) defeat your opponents with a team up super and you will go on 
to fight Hyo, the real boss. After beating him you will also recieve a 
different ending then you normally would. 

Four Extra Characters (Evolution Disc) 

To get the four extra people in the evolution disk you must beat the 
game on any level with the four girls; Natsu, Hinata, Tiffany, and Kyosuke. 
The extra character's names will be Natsu2, Hinata2, Tiffany2, and Kyosuke2. 

Kyoko's Office 

Finish the game with Kyoko on the highest difficulty setting. Kyoko's 
Office will appear as an extra option. 

Play as Rika and Will 

To play as Rika and Will you must beat the game twice with any character. 

Secret Characters 

Every time you beat the game, a secret character is available. There 
are exactly 42 secret characters to get. When you beat the game, 
go to the character select screen and there should be a picture of 
two people. If you beat the game at least twice, press left or right 
to find the person you want to be after you select "Extra". 

Secret Outfits

While in the Character Select screen, press start and then press X 
to get your secret outfit for your character you chose. 

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