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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

One-Player Passwords 

Here are all the passwords for a one-player game. 

Level   Password

2       Umbrella, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
3       Face, Teapot, Bunny, Umbrella
4       Bunny, Umbrella, Bird, Bird
5       Flower, Umbrella, Bunny, Teapot
6       Bird, Teapot, Butterfly, Butterfly
7       Bear, Bear, Clover, Bird
8       Bunny, Teapot, Umbrella, Heart
9       Clover, Butterfly, Bird, Heart
10      Heart, Butterfly, Teapot, Heart
11      Umbrella, Umbrella, Bird, Flower
12      Flower, Teapot, Clover, Butterfly
13      Heart, Umbrella, Clover, Heart
14      Bunny, Face, Flower, Clover
15      Bunny, Face, Bear, Bird
16      Flower, Umbrella, Bird, Bunny
17      Flower, Bear, Heart, Umbrella
18      Face, Bird, Heart, Clover


Hold down: Square,X,O,and Triangle while you have any vehicle out of 
the hanger and it will blow up. 

Two-player Passwords 

Here are all the passwords for a two-player game. 

Level   Password

2       Butterfly, Umbrella, Bear, Heart
3       Bear, Bunny, Flower, Clover
4       Umbrella, Heart, Clover, Flower
5       Umbrella, Bear, Bunny, Heart
6       Teapot, Bird, Butterfly, Flower
7       Heart, Flower, Clover, Butterfly
8       Heart, Bear, Bunny, Heart
9       Bear, Bunny, Clover, Flower
10      Butterfly, Face, Umbrella, Clover
11      Bear, Flower, Face, Flower
12      Teapot, Bear, Flower, Umbrella
13      Heart, Bird, Flower, Clover
14      Face, Bird, Clover, Teapot
15      Teapot, Bird, Clover, Bear
16      Umbrella, Teapot, Bird, Flower
17      Face, Bear, Bunny, Flower
18      Bunny, Heart, Flower, Bird

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