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Clock Tip 

If you look at the pool table in the Bar Room of the Guest House, 
you'll notice cue balls reading 12, 6, 3, 9, a clock dial at the end of 
the table, and 2 cue sticks. This represents a clock; the numbers 
represents the numbers of a clock, and the cue sticks represents 
the hands of a clock, the shorter hand being the hour hand and the 
longer stick being the minute hand.

For Jill's storyline, it reads 3:45 and for Chris's storyline, it reads 
2:15. What this tip does is that it makes it easier to open the door 
with the numbered key-pad lock in the beehive room. For Jill, enter 
3, 4, 5 and the door will unlock. For Chris, enter 2, 1, 5, and the door will unlock. 

Note: The numbers must not have been played with previously for trick to work. 

Colt Python with unlimited ammo 

Beat the game in the ADVANCED mode with Chris or Jill and rescue 
everyone so at the end it says "What a tough guy! You have completely 
closed the case!" Then it will ask you to save the game. Do it. Then go 
to load game at the title screen and load the game. Then you will have 
the Colt Python with as many shots as you want. 

Double Ammo 

At the title screen choose NEW GAME then go down to ADVANCED 
but don't choose it. While ADVANCED is highlighted, hold RIGHT on the 
D-Pad. After about 10 seconds the color of ADVANCED will change. 
You may now start a game with either character.

From now on, whenever you pick up a clip it will have 30 rounds instead 
of 15 and the ink ribbons will have six saves instead of two. 

Easier Way To Get New Clothes 

Start a new game and highlight Advanced. Hold Right until it turns 
green. Then select it. Select Chris and when you get the Armor Key, 
go through the door by the blue double doors in the main hall. Head 
to the room with the large mirror. Go into the other door. It should 
be unlocked. Inside will be some new clothes.

Note: I did this with Chris. I'm not sure if it would work for Jill. 

Easier Way To Kill The Plant Boss 

To save some time, as Jill, don't go into the drug storehouse to make 
the V-Jolt. Instead just go downstairs and drain out all the water 
from the basement. Then, once you're done fooling around downstairs, 
head back upstairs and load flame rounds into your bazooka (assuming 
you got it) and go into the Plant Boss Room. When you get in there fire 
at him as usual. It should take about four shots. When you're finished 
and the plant has been reduce to a pile of purple goo on the middle of 
the floor, run over to the fireplace and get the helmet key. Doing this 
should save about fifteen minutes. You don't have to do this if Barry 
comes in to save you though.

If this doesn't work, do the exact same thing as above, but when you 
get back upstairs load explosive rounds in your bazooka and fire at will. 
It should take about four shots. When you do that the plant should 
shrink itself and gather itself at the top and bottom of the room. 
Now exit the room, load flame rounds and go back inside. It should 
only take four flame rounds to kill it once and for all. 

Hunting Tips 

To kill Zombies in one shot, let them walk right in front of you. Then 
aim high with the Shotgun and fire. Poof! Dead zombies.

For acid-spitting zombies, let them get pretty close, then fire three 
steady shots with your Beretta. This will save you a lot of ammo.

To kill spiders quick, here's what to do. If you're Jill, arm the Bazooka 
with Flame rounds. Then when you encounter a spider let it get pretty 
close (or if you like, when it's ready to bite you), than fire! This works 
only agaist medium-sized spiders. You can try the Acid rounds, but it 
might take a shot or two more.

For Chris, if you can pick up the flamethrower, use it agaist the huge 
spider. Just fire until it's dead. 

Remove Emblems 

To remove the emblems from the Doom books, examine the books 
and turn them on their side with the pages facing you. Press X to 
open the books and retrieve their emblems. 

Rocket Launcher with Unlimited Ammo 

Finish the game with Chris in under three hours, then save the data 
to a memory card. Start a new game using the saved data,then check 
Chris's inventory. You'll find a rocket launcher with unlimited ammo. 

Save Some Ammo 

When playing as Jill the first Zombie you come to is in the corridor 
over Kenneth's body. As soon as the Zombie starts coming at you, 
run into the dinning room where Barry is. Barry will ask what's wrong, 
and then kill the approaching Zombie. This will save you a few rounds 
of valuable ammunition. 

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