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Change Monster's color 

When choosing your character press up to change your color 


If you're at the top of the highest bulding you can find, jump off 
and rapidly press SQUARE. You should be able to fly for a few 
short seconds before you fall back to the ground. 

Infinite life 

While playing, pause and hold the R1 button and press Triangle, 
Square, Square, Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle. You should hear a 
roar, continue play and you will have infinite life! 

Monster Allergies 

All monsters have allergies. When your monster eats the thing 
he or she's allergic to he or she will sneeze and it will blow down 
the building you are on. 

George is allergic to dogs. 

Lizzy is allergic to birds. 

Ralph is allergic to cats. 

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