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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Secret Characters For 2 player Mode 

To use this code you will need a memory card. Beat Poy Poy in junior 
mode. Save it, turn off the Playstation and turn it on again. Go to 
options and press select. After that go to exibition mode and choose 
2 players. You will then be able to play as a ninja, a old man, a robot, 
a girl dressed in purple, a tall guy and many more! 

Secret Stage 

To get to a secret stage, beat the master cup without ever using 
a continue. Then you will go on to fight the king. If you beat him, 
you'll get the best glove available in the game! 

Self Destruct 

To kill yourself (and anyone near you), rapidly press X and Circle. 
Your glove power bar will fill up until you explode! 

Ticking Time Bomb 

During versus mode. When you die, keep hitting all the top buttons. 
While you are pressing it you will notice your magic meter will go up. 
When it gets filled up, you will explode and everybody near you 
will get hurt. 

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