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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Andrea's News Reports 

Enter the password "Andrea" to hear one of her special news reports. 

Evade Ambush 

In the first level you have to pick up a box. Around the box are all kinds 
of huts and bushes. Destroy all of these first to evade the ambush. 

Extra Lives 

For four lives, enter the password PHOENIX. For five lives, enter the 
password WARRIOR. 

FMV Preview of Future Strike 

When entering a password at the password screen, enter "COMMERCIAL" 
as the password and you'll get the Full Motion Video preview of Future 
Strike, the next Strike Series game. 

Hidden Harriers 

The hidden harriers are:

Mission 2-In the airfield, destroy all buildings and the one, if you look at 
it as is was on your SMFD, it's the upper right buliding. it's in here. 

Mission 3b - Go to the new LZ (not homebase, look on the SMFD) and go 
due west. when you come to an undestroyed building that looks like the 
White House, destroy it. It's in there 

Infinite Lives 

If you just can't seem to stay alive in Nuclear Strike, enter the password 
LAZARUS to keep flying. 

Infinite Weapon Reloads 

Enter the password GOPOSTAL to get infinite weapon reloads. 

No Enemies on the First Mission 

To remove the enemies from the first mission,enter the password AVENGER. 


Level  Password


Reconnaisance Mode 

For a change of pace, enter the password EAGLEEYE. You'll be taken to 
a peaceful version of the first mission. 

Reduced Fuel Consumption 

To reduce your fuel consumption, enter the password MPG.

Secret Level 

Enter the password LIGHTNING to enter a secret level. If you beat it 
you'll see a preview of the next Strike game

Speed Up 

Enter the password WARPDRIVE to speed up your vehicles. 

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