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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Baby Monsters 

To shrink all monsters into babies with baby-like noises, enter the 
CHEAT MODE code then, while still on the title screen, press L2, L2, 
R1, R1, L1, R2, Select. You will now see a new option titled "Reduce" 
when you start the game. 

Blurry Screen 

To blur the screen, enter the CHEAT MODE code,then press L1, L2, 
L2, L1, L2, L2, L1, Select. 

Change the Music 

Enter the CHEAT MODE code, then press L1, L1, L1, L1,R1, R1, R1, 
Select. While playing, pause the game, go to the OPTIONS screen and 
you'll see a new option called "Current Track." Highlight it and press 
LEFT or RIGHT to change the music. 

Cheat Mode 

At the Password screen enter Left, Up, X, Square, Down, Triangle, 
Square, Down. You can now enable infinite everything (lives, weapons, 
etc.), play as a monster and choose your starting level. 

Note: After entering this code you must start a new game to 
access the cheat menu. 

Debug Mode 

For debug mode, enter the CHEAT MODE code,then press L1, L1, L1, 
R1, R1, R1, L2, L2, L2, R2, R2, R2, Select.

Disable Combos 

To disable all combos,enter the CHEAT MODE code, then press L1, 
R1, L2, L1, R2, Select. 

One-Hit Kills 

To cut any enemy in half with one hit, enter the CHEAT MODE code, 
then press L1, R1, L2, R2, Select. 

Password Creation System 

This document explains how to generate a Nightmare Creatures password 
to your specifications. The NC password system keeps track of five 
different things using eight symbols (Triangle, O, X, Square, Up arrow, 
Down arrow, Left arrow, and Right arrow).  Using these symbols variously 
in the eight different password-screen slots gives a huge number of 
possible passwords, almost all of which are illegal.

First you need to decide on the following (it might be good to write these 
down):  Which character you want to play (Ignatius or Nadia), what level 
you want to start on (1-21), what difficulty level you want to play on (easy 
or hard), how many lives you want to have (1-31), and what weapon you 
want to use (1-4).

Next, you will have to do a few simple math problems Most of these 
problems will ask you to do some simple operations (all the division is in 
remainder form), then just take the answer from each of the problems 
and run it through our handy little password decoder ring below: 

0=Triangle  1=O  2=X  3=Square  4=Up  5=Down  6=Left  7=Right

This will convert your useless string of eight numbers into a useful 
string of eight symbols.

Slot 1:  (No math here)  Ignatius              Nadia

   Levels 1-8            Triangle                Up
   Levels 9-16               O                  Down
   Levels 17-21              X                  Left

Slot 2:  (Level#-1)/8     Enter the remainder
Slot 3:  #Lives/4     Drop the remainder
Slot 4:  #Lives/4     Multiply the remainder by 2.

Add 1 if your weapon is 3 or 4.

Slot 5:  (No math here)     Weapon# 1,3      Weapon# 2,4

          Easy difficulty    Triangle          O

          Hard difficulty     Up               Down

Slot 6:  (#Lives+Level#-2)/7     Enter the remainder
Slot 7:  (Level#+Weapon#-1)/7     Enter the remainder
Slot 8:  (#Lives+Weapon#-1)/7     Enter the remainder

Now I know that makes sense to me, but here is an example for the 
rest of you. To start a game as Nadia, on level 13, with 21 lives, on 
easy difficulty, and using the level 3 weapon:

Slot 1:  The symbol for Nadia on level 13 is Down-arrow.


Slot 2:  13-1 is 12, divided by eight is 1 remainder 4. Putting the remainder 
through the nifty decoder ring, I get Up-arrow.

Slot 3:  21/4 is 5 remainder 1. I drop the remainder and put 5 through 
the system.  Presto!  I get Down-arrow.

Slot 4:21/4 is still 5 remainder 1.This time I take the remainder and 
double it for a grand total of 2. Except now I have to add 1 because we 
are using weapon # 3.  As the chart says, 3=Square.

Slot 5:Another simple one.Easy difficulty with weapon# 3 is Triangle.

Slot 6: 21+13-2 equals 32.Dividing by 7 gets me 4 remainder 4.
Intuition tells me that 4=Up-arrow.

Slot 7:  13+3-1 equals 15.Again dividing by that magic number 7, I 
come up with 2 remainder 1. The not-so-magic number 1 equals O.

Slot 8:  21+3-1 equals 23.  23/7 equals 3 remainder 2.  


Thus the code for the aforementioned game is Down, Up, Down, Square, 
Triangle, Up, O, X.Putting this code in to my game I see that It does in 
fact work.Nadia is going to kick some buns in the London Zoo. 

Codebreaking, Logic, 

The ability to think in base 7, 8, 2, and 4, and the inability to add 11 
and 9 while doing so.


Level  Password

2-Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Up,X, Up
3-Triangle, X, Circle, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Left
4-Triangle, Square, Circle, Up, Triangle, Circle, Up, Left
5-Triangle, Up, Circle, Up, Triangle, X, Down, Left
6-Triangle, Down, Circle, X, Triangle, X, Left, Down
7-Triangle, Left, Circle, Left, Triangle, Down, Triangle Triangle
8-Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Triangle, Down, Circle, Left
9-Circle, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Up, Square, Down
10-Circle, Circle, Circle, X, Circle, Left, Up, Left
11-Circle, X, Circle, Up, Circle, Circle, Down, Triangle
12-Circle, Square, Triangle, Up,Circle, Down, Left, Square
13-Circle, Up, Triangle, X, Circle, Down, Triangle, X
14-Circle, Down, Triangle, Up, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square
15-Circle, Left, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Circle,Square,Up
16-Circle, Right, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Circle, Up, Square
17-X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, X, Down, Square
18-X, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Left, Square
19-X, X, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Up
20-X, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Down, Circle, Square

Snake Boss 

When you enter the room with the fire breathing snake you will see 
five columns around the snake pool.Slash those colums with your 
sword or staff and knock them onto the snake. For best results, 
use L1 or R1 to move to the next column, then hack away. If you're 
quick enough the snake won't get a chance to breathe fire.

After all of the columns fall,the fire will stop and the snake will start 
biting at you.Dodge him when he strikes by pressing L1 or R1. When 
he starts to swing around the pool strike him in the head. Do this 
four or five times and he's dead! 

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