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NHL '98

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Big heads 

Enter BRAINY as a password. 

Birds eye view of fights 

While fighting, push Start to pause the game. Select Instant Replay 
feature from the pause menu. Close replay and resume game. 

Disable CPU goalie 

Press Start to pause game. 

At the pause menu, select Controllers. Configure your controller to 
play as CPU team. Return to the main pause menu and select Goalie. 
Choose the Pull feature. Return to the game. Press Start to pause 
the game again. Reconfigure controller so that you play as your 
original team. 

EA Blades team 

Enter EAEAO as a password. 

EA and EA Storm teams 

Enter FREEEA as a password. (Note: The developers will also appear 
as free agents.) 

Hidden players 

Enter one of the following names at the player creation screen to 
unlock a hidden player. (You may also enter any member of the 
development team who appears within the credits.)


Large players 

Enter BIGBIG as a password. 

Powerplay is awarded to team that allowed last goal 

Enter GIPTEA as a password. 

Small players 

Enter NHLKIDS as a password. 

Small players and large goalies 

Enter PLAYTIME as a password. 

View FMV sequence of the Stanley Cup 

Enter STANLEY as a password. 

Wear alternate jersey (if possible) 

Enter 3RD or MASKDMAN as a password. 

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