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All-Star and Superbowl Teams 

On Main Menu screen play in pre-season mode. Then, on the "Select 
Your Team" screen press CIRCLE. When you press CIRCLE once you'll get 
the NFL All-Star teams. If you press CIRCLE twice you'll get the 
Superbowl teams.
NOTE: Not all the NFL teams have All-Star and Superbowl teams. 

Easter Eggs 

Go to the Easter Egg menu and enter one of the following codes 
to activate the corresponding feature:

Big Balls -- Large football 
Big Hits -- Louder noises 
Blinders -- No penalties 
Bobo -- All players are named Bobo 
Bunyon -- Big players 
Coffee Break -- Speed juiced 
Con Man -- CPU hides pass coverage 
CPU Scores -- CPU players are faster 
CPU Stuffs -- CPU offensive line has super strength and speed 
Credits -- View credits 
Davis -- Running back is juiced 
Euro League -- All players have European last names 
Even Teams -- All players are equal 
Flea Circus -- Tiny players 
Flat Land -- Flat players 
GD Challenge -- Bonus difficulty level 
Grudge Match -- Red redzones, checkered touchdown area, invisible field goals 
Hamstrung -- Blow a hamstring after using speed burst 
Hangtime -- Punts hang in the air longer 
Hoops -- Players' last names are all basketball players 
Hot Shot -- CPU player celebrates in the field 
Its In The Fps -- Frame-rate changes 
Mind Reader -- CPU knows your play 
Playing Cards -- Flat players 
Pole Axe -- Forearm is juiced 
Pop Warner -- Small, fast players 
Presidents -- Players named after Presidents 
Prime Time -- CPU makes big plays 
Puppets -- Players have red string attached to their heads 
Red Zone -- Players' last name are all Red Zone personnel 
Rocket Man -- Ball carrier has random speed bursts 
Slideshow -- See cheerleaders after a game 
Sports -- All players have last names from the credits 
Stamina -- Juiced endurance 
Steel Leg -- Longer field goals 
Stickem -- Great hands for receivers 
Swimmers -- Swim move juiced 
Tele Tummy -- Televisions in players stomachs 
Weak -- Quick fatigue 

Easy Touchdowns 

For this code to work you have to be playing the computer. When you're on 
offense go to special teams, punt. Then when on the field push square (for 
audible) then triangle. Wait for all of the defensemen to come toward the 
line of scrimmage. When you pass the recievers should be wide open. 

When you are kicking it off to your oppenent at halftime push, triangle. 
One of your players will start doing a touchdown dance.

TIP: Do it once you see your team or the code wont work. 

Lightning Hit 

When on DEFENSE wait until your oppenent trys a passing play then 
switch to the closest defender to whom he is passing the ball to.  Wait 
untill he barely gets the ball then tackle him as he is catching the ball.  
This should make a flash of lightning appear on the screen along with thunder. 

Touchdown Dances 

After a play press TRIANGLE if the screen is on the QB then the QB will 
do a touchdown dance. If the screen is on the receiver or the person who 
made the play, he will do a touchdown dance 

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