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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus Teams 

To play on a particular all-star team, highlight Option; at main menu and 
press shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2). Then enter its corresponding 
code below. (Note: Cheats are case sensitive.)

Alabama -- ALA All Stars 
Eastern Michigan -- EMU All Stars 
GameBreaker All-Stars -- GB All Stars 
Michigan -- Mich All Stars 
Nebraska -- ND All Stars 
Notre Dame -- ND All Stars 
Ohio State -- OSU All Stars 
Southern California -- USC All Stars 

Cheat Codes 

To activate cheat codes, highlight “Option” at main menu and press 
shoulder buttons (L1 + L2 + R1 + R2). Then enter its corresponding 
code below. (Note: Cheats are case sensitive.)

Airborne receiver is flipped more often -- Circus Flip 
Better blocking game -- Blocking Up 
Better catching ability -- Hands 
Better coverage -- Tight Cover 
Better kicking game -- Big Foot 
Better passing game -- Big Arm 
Better spin moves -- Tasmanian 
Better stiff-arm -- Super Stiff 
Better tackling game -- Tackles 
Black uniforms -- Dark Horse 
Cheerleaders are bigger -- Amazons 
Clock runs faster -- Fast Clock 
Clock runs slower -- Slow Clock 
Copper uniforms for visiting team -- Copper 
Difficult CPU opponents -- Angry CPU 
Dive farther -- Long Dives 
Easier to cause fumbles -- Jack T 
Easier to fumble the ball -- Fumbles 
Easier to thwart would-be tacklers -- Swim Up 
Easier to throw interceptions -- Interceptions 
Extremely difficult CPU opponents -- Cruel CPU 
Fierce winds -- Tornado 
Game breakers are larger than normal players -- Big GB 
Game breakers are smaller than normal players -- Tiny GB 
Gold uniforms for visiting team -- Gold 
Harder hits -- Rock Em 
Harder to thwart would-be tacklers -- Swim Down 
Injury free players -- Healthy 
Injury prone players -- Injuries Up 
Large team players -- Giants 
Large referees -- Big Ref 
Longer hang-time on kick-offs -- Helium 
No penalties for home team -- Politics 
Outstanding kicking game -- Thunder Foot 
Outstanding passing game -- Cannon 
Platinum uniforms -- Platinum 
Players make quicker cuts -- Jukes 
Players run faster -- Flash 
Show credits -- Credits 
Silver uniforms for visiting team -- Silver 
Slower computer players -- Slow CPU 
Snowstorm -- Blizzard 
The winner of the game loses -- Dark Storm 
Tiny referees -- Tiny Ref 
Tiny team players -- Midgets 
Torrential rains -- Hurricane 
Turn off stadium lights -- Lights Out 
Weak blocking game -- Blocking Down 
Weak coverage -- Lose Cover 
Weak kicks -- Little Foot 
Weak passing game -- Little Arm 
White uniforms -- White Knights

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