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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

360* Alley-Oop 

When you have the ball, place one of your players beside the hoop and 
press Triangle, Circle, Square, X. 

Easier Dunks 

If you're having trouble scoring dunks against the computer, try this. 
Repeatedly press R1 for the spin move, the arrow button toward the 
hoop, and hold down the turbo button. Once you get close enough to 
the basket press the shoot button. This might not work all the time 
but it will work most of the time. 

Enter the Stands 

To take a player into the stands, put him near the opening (where they 
come out) and press the SPIN button repeatedly. Eventually you'll enter 
the stands. 

Micro Players 

1. Go to the "Create Player" option.

2. Type in first name: MICRO

3. Type in last name: MAN

4. Start Exhibition Game with him, and the players should be very small. 

Perfect Player 

For a perfect player, create a new player and enter his first name as 
"NOTHING CAN", his last name as "SAVE" and his college as "YOU". Your
stats should show 99 in all categories. 

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