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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Announcer Says Created Player's Name 

There's a way to have the announcer announce your created player's 
name. Sort of. If your player's last name is the same as one already 
in the game, the game already has the sound file for that name and it 
will play it. For example: Ricky Pierce for Indiana is already in the game, 
so if you make "Paul Pierce" the rookie for the Boston Celtics, the 
announcer will say "Pierce does it again" or something like that. 

Announcer says last name/Secret teams 

To get the announcer to say a created players name then you must 
have the same name as one of the producers. To find out who the 
producers are, just create their team. Yes, you heard right. At the 
custom team screen enter your CITY as "Hitmen" and the NAME as 
one of these:


Fake Out Defense 

When you inbound the ball, wait for a defender to come up to you.
While you still have your dribble, hold down R2 and press the direction 
pad as if you were dribbling up court. After you let go of R2, quickly 
press square, and then dribble up court the opposite way that you did 
at first. The defender will be faked out, and you will have an open 
path to the hoop! 

Hidden Teams 

Type these names at the custom team screen:

Hitmen Rebounds
Hitmen Idlers
Hitmen Pixels
Hitmen Earplugs EA Europals

And this will activate these teams. 

Hook Shot 

When playing a game, if you hit triangle and circle (jump and shoot) 
when you have the ball down by your basket, you should do a hook shot. 

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