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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Druaga - Hidden Tower 

In the Museum, hold L1+R1 and press Up, Right, Down, Left three times. If 
done correctly, a pickaxe icon will appear.

Now, enter the Tower of Druaga exhibit halls. Go directly forward untill you 
bump into a wall. Pac-Man will indicate there's something there. Press X and 
he'll dig through the wall. You'll see a 3-D battle between Gil and Druaga, and 
a new Tower of Druaga to play. 

Galaxian - Hard Mode 

Play the game GALAXIAN until you clear round 9. After you've done 
this, press TRIANGLE during the demo sequence to access the options 
window. Choose "Option" and you'll find a new option called "Rank". This 
allows you to change the game from "Normal" to "Hard" mode. 

Galaxian - Psychadelic Mode 

Play the game GALAXIAN until you have a high score of 30,000 points 
or more. Once you've done this, press the TRIANGLE button during the 
demo sequence to access the options window. Highlight "Test" and press 
X; then, when the test screen appears, press TRIANGLE to open the test 
screen options window. Highlight "Dip SW" and press X, then highlight swith 
#6 and press UP to turn it on. Now start the game and you'll be playing in 
Psychidelic Mode, in which all moving objects leave trails of colored lights 
on the screen. 

Galaxian - Turbo Mode 

Load the game GALAXIAN. When the demo sequence begins, press SELECT 
exactly 32 times to add credits. When the number of credits shown in the 
lower right corner of the screen is 32, press the SELECT button one more 
time and hold it down while pressing START. Now you're playing in Turbo 
Mode, in which the game speed is many times faster than the original. 

Pole Position II - New Tracks 

Go to the Test menu (press TRIANGLE to bring up the menu, then go to 
Test) Now press TRIANGLE again to access the menu, and choose 
dipswitches. Put dipswitch #1 on and then return to the main game. 
Re-access the menu, and you'll see a new option called "Course." Click 
on course and a tone will sound.

Start a game, and although the diagrams of the tracks look normal, 
they have drastically changed! (Check out the Test track!) 

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