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Double Ships 

On galaga when you see the ship with a purplish beam fly into beam (Make 
sure that you have at least 2 lives)Then it will take your ship,then shoot 
the ship that took your ship,then your ship will come back with your other 
ship,then you have a double ship. 

Mach Speed Pac-Man 

With this title there is a LOT of loading time, but this is a little trick 
to help pass it by. When you have the "Now Loading" screen with the 
little Pac-Man running around, push any button repeatedly, and he will 
start to run faster. Tap the button with super speed, and he becomes 
a blur!! Not really a useful trick, but it's just something that will help 
to cure those loading blues. 

Safe Mode in Galaga 

As the ships fly in formation on the screen, don't shoot any of them. 

Locate the two blue and yellow ships in the first vertical row on the left. 

When all the ships are on the screen you may begin shooting, but don't 
shoot the 2 mentioned above. 

Once you have destroyed all but these 2 ships let them fly around, 
shooting at you for about 15 minutes. At this point they'll stop shooting. 

Blow them away and from now on no ships will shoot at you for the entire game! 

Unlimited lives in Toy Pop 

On toypop if you die just keep pressing: Select then X 

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