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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat Codes 

Enter these codes on the password screen. 

Disable Cheats -- Square, Square, X, Circle (x4), Triangle 
Firewalls -- X, X, Square, X, X, X, Triangle, Triangle 
Hidden Ship -- X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Triangle 
No Bonus Reset after Death -- Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle, 
Square, Triangle, X 
Select Bonus Level -- Square, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, 
Triangle, Square, Square 
Select Level -- Square Circle, X, Triangle (x2), X, Circle, X 
Water Effects -- Circle, X, Square, Triangle (x2), Circle, Triangle, Circle 
Weapons -- Square, X, Circle, Square, X, Square, Circle, Square 
Unlimited Lives -- Circle, X, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle 


To select a level, enter its password below.

Level 02 -- Circle, X (x3), Square, Circle, Square, X
Level 03 -- Circle, X, Circle (x2), Square, Triangle, X, Triangle
Level 04 -- Circle (x2), Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Square (x2)
Level 05 -- Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle
Level 06 -- Square (x2), Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, X
Level 07 -- X, Triangle, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Triangle
Level 08 -- Square, Circle (x2), Triangle (x2), Square, Triangle, Square
Level 09 -- Square, Circle, X, Triangle, Square (x2), X, Circle
Level 10 -- X, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, X (x3)
Level 11 -- Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Triangle
Level 12 -- Circle, X (x3), Triangle, X (x2), Squar
Level 13 -- Square, Triangle (x2), Circle (x2), X, Circle (x2)
Level 14 -- Square (x2), Triangle, Circle (x2), Triangle, Circle, X
Level 15 -- Circle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle (x3)
Level 16 -- Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle (x3), Square
Level 17 -- X, Circle, Triangle, X, Square (x3), Circle
Level 18 -- Circle, Triangle, Circle (x2), Triangle, Square (x2), X
Level 19 -- Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle, X (x2), Triangle
Level 20 -- Circle, Square, Triangle, Square (x5)
Level 21 -- Circle (x4), Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle
Level 22 -- Circle, X, Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, X
Level 23 -- Square (x2), Triangle, Circle, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle
Level 24 -- Circle (x2), Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle (x2), Square
Level 25 -- Circle, X, Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Circle
Level 26 -- Square, Circle (x3), X, Circle, X (x2)
Level 27 -- Square (x2), Triangle, Circle, X (x2), Square, Triangle
Level 28 -- X (x2), Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, Square
Level 29 -- Square (x2), Circle (x6) 

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