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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Cars and Tracks 

To access all cars and tracks enter the password LASTCODE. 

Cool Demo 

For a cool demo mode, enter the password INSANITY. 

Disable All Cheats 

To turn off all codes, enter the password NOCHEATS. 

Motion Blur 

To make the game appear to run faster, enter the password SOFTHEAD. 

Nolby Hills Track 

To access the Nolby Hills track enter the password TURBOMOS. 

Overhead View 

For an overhead camera view, enter the password SUPERCAR. 

Radioactive Disco Smoke 

Find the Gas station located in the first race track. There is a light 
right in front of the door to the station. Drive back and forth 
underneath the light 3 times. A message will wave across the screen. 
Now when you do a burn out, you'll have rainbow colored smoke. 

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