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MLB '99

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

An "out" Despite a Hit 

When the game has started, throw the pitch so the hitter hits it, 
then throw it to second base. When the basemen gets it move so 
that the other team mate covers the base. Move close to the base 
towards your basemen and pree TRIANGLE and he will underhand it 
to the base men. If this is done right the ball will go high in the air. 
During that try to move the outfielder to the ball before it hits the 
ground. If he catches it it's an out! HINT-run to the basemen and 
throw it when can do this on any base 

Easier Homeruns 

When you are up at bat the best way to hit a home run is to hold 
up and left buttons, hold these buttons after you hit the ball. This 
will make the ball fly passed the left fielder.

NOTE: The left fielder may catch the ball. 

Easy Strike-Outs 

To get easy strike-outs just get a pitcher with a good arm and a 
sinker. Pitch a sinker to the batter inside and down a little bit. 
(You should pitch it outside the strike-zone.) If you find the right 
spot just keep pitching it there and you should strike the batter 
out in 5 pitches (sometimes they don't swing.) 

Easy Strike-Outs...method 2 

When you are pitching try to hit the batter with a fastball in the 
head. They swing at almost 90% of the time 

Funny Announcement 

When you are the pitcher don't do anything. Then you will hear c'mon 
and Nachos or Peanuts. Then the anouncer will say "The baseball fan 
with the licence plate number of ----- your car is being towed." or "This 
is a reminder to everyone attending tonight's game. Weapons of all 
kind are prohibited from the playing field." 

Home-Run Every Time 

Go to the create a player screen and delete the name of any default 
player. Then make the new nam "Scott Murray". If done correctly he 
can hit 606 foot homers. 

Perfect Players 

create a player with one of the programers' names and he will have full stats. 

Secret Blooper Video 

All that you need to do to get a secret blooper video is just start 
up the game, and do not push any buttons for a least 3-4 minutes. 
First, a normal video will come up and then it will go to the main menu, 
and then if you leave it, it goes to a demo game. If you just let the demo 
game play though (lasts about 2 minutes) then a secret blooper video 
will come up. Remember, just leave the game sit for a while and the 
video will show up, and it is really cool. 

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