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MLB 2000

Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bloopers Video 

Turn on the game, but don't press any buttons. Let the game run 
all the way through the introduction and the demo half inning of the 
game. After that, it will go back to the MLB2000 Logo and the bloopers 
video will start. 

Easy Hits 

To get a easy single or sometimes a double you turn average to power 
and then you hold down and swing and hit the ball sharply to centerfield 
but sometimes you will ground into Double Plays. 

Extra Out after Catching a Fly Ball 

Catch a fly ball and throw it to 2nd base. Then, throw the ball back 
and forth between the 2nd baseman and the shortstop (just keep 
pressing triangle). Eventually, one of the two players will throw it 
away into left center field. If you catch the ball with the center fielder, 
the umpire will say out as when you normally get an out. 

Heavy Hitter 

In create player mode name your player Scott Murray or Kelly Flock. 
He will hit a 606 foot homeruns every time you connect the ball 
into fair territory.

NOTE: This feature DOES NOT WORK in the Home Run Derby option. 

Instant Strike Against Computer 

This is not the easiest code to do, and takes some practice to 
perfectly do every time. Just choose a fast ball, set it in the lower 
corner opposite the batter (if you have a right-handeder up for a 
batter, the set it in the lower-left corner), and make the ball just 
barely touch the outside corner. The batter shouldn't swing, and 
the umpire should call it a strike. They will hit it sometimes, but 
very rarely, and will sometimes ball.

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