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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Extra Health in Stage 1 

Do this after you go in the water area in stage 1. If you have bad 
health, go backwards and keep going until you find a group of trees 
with a health between them. Destroy the trees to get the health. 

Extra Life 

At the Clown Man's level kick a mega ball into the clown's mouth 
for an extra life. 

How to kill the bosses 

To defeat Grenade Man,use the Thunder Claw
To defeat Frost Man,use the Flash Bomb.
To defeat Tengu Man,use the Ice Wave.
To defeat Clown Man,use the Tornado Hold.
To defeat Aqua Man,use the Astro Crush.
To defeat Sword Man,use the Water Balloon.
To defeat Search Man,use the Flame Sword.
To defeat Astro Man,use the Homing Sniper. 

Super Jump 

Use a superjump to reach places too high for a normal jump. 
However, you cannot jump straight up (you must be moving forward), 
and you can only do it if you haven't used up all your megaball.

To execute the super jump, jump while moving towards a ledge you 
want to reach. At the peak of the jump, shoot the megaball and 
immediately jump. you will bounce off the ball in mid-air and skyrocket 
up. This is especialy useful in Tengu Man's stage, where jumping from 
platform to platform against the wind can be risky. 

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