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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cup of Souls 

The cup of souls for the first pumpkin level is sort of hard to find. 
Go through the tunnel at the beginning of the level. Right of the 
merchant gargoyle is a shaded wall. Use your hammer, club, or daring 
dash to break it down. Then go down the tunnel. The shaded area 
takes keen eyes to find. 

Defeat the First Boss 

To defeat the first boss you need the crossbow. When his heart 
starts beating and he is about to attack shoot at his heart. 

Defeating Zarok 

First Zarok will pit his army of skeletons against your own. To 
maintain your army you must use Good Lightining (which is to the 
right as you enter Zarok's chambers). Note that this will drain 
your life meter, but don't worry - for each of your skeleton 
warriors that survives the first battle, you will receive a life vial.

Next, Zarok will bring out a warrior on a horse-like skeleton. Get out 
your magic arrows, and run around the room and shoot whenever 
the horseman is vulnerable.

Finally Zarok himself will take matters into his own hands and 
transform himself into the form of a lizard-like monster. He's 
invincible when he is glowing, so attack whenever he's vulnerable. 

Dragon Armour 

To get the dragon armour you must first have the dragon gems. 
The first one is given to you by the pumpkin witch. The second one 
is given to you by the mayor in the Asylum. Then go to the crystal 
caves (after the lake level) and go under the water fall that is 
after the green door.

Go to the face of the dragon on the wall and you will awaken the 
dragon. He will then start to attack you by starting you on fire. You 
must use the hammer to colapse the roof on his head. To do this 
simply hit the platforms you stand on. The platform you first start 
on drops rocks on the tallest platform and the rest you can figure out. 

Easy Cash 

Enter the level called Sleeping Village and go into the room with the 
blue rune, then go to the pillow shop DO NOT HIT THE INOCENT 
VICTIMS. Whan you see all the rats, club them or hit them with a 
Hammer and for each one you hit you get 2 or 3 pieces of gold. 

Easy Gold 

See those pesky hands that follow you in the graveyard levels? 
Every time you smash one with a hammer or club, you get two 
pieces of gold! Happy smashing! 

Expanded Ending 

To get the expanded ending get all the cups (19) in all 19 boards 
and then go back to the Enchanted Earth and use the rune to 
summon the witch at the pot.  Become small an go into the ant hill.
Rescue All the faires and get at least seven pieces of amber.  Kill 
the ant queen and once you leave, the witch will give you a drumstick 
and the fairy will grant you passage to the hall of heroes.  You will see 
your statue solidified.  Then beat the game to see the extra part at the end. 

Get the Chalice in "Time Machine" 

To get the chalice in "Time Machine", first fill the chalice. Then at 
the place where you got the Earth Rune, spin the electric things 
so they form a square like this:                         


|            |          

|            |            

|            |          


With the lines showing where the electricity is. After this is 
completed the crystal around it will break and you can get the chalice.   

Jack the Green 

Jack the green's first riddle is pretty easy. Hit the star shaped bushes 
with a weapon and they tell you how many more you have left.

His next one is easy, but hard to pull off. Go to the place you couldn't 
before. There is a clown there and you have to hit the faces so they 
smile at him. Hit them all so they're one away from smiling then hit 
them all quickly. Try it until it works.

For the third riddle get the red key from the octopuss thingy and go 
open the red door. A mouse will come out and fallow you. Lead it past 
all the cats to the elephant at the end of the new path. The elephant 
gets scared and breaks the wall behind it.

For the last riddle go down the new path until you reach a big hole. 
Jump into the hole and go out a door that is in the chamber. Push 
the fire thingies to face the window things on the wall (if you do it 
right you will hear a sound that tells you that you did it right.) Once 
this is done go back in the chamber until you are transported out.

Jack the green will tell you to find your own way out. Do so. You'll 
know you've reached the end when you get to a giant chess board. 
Those of you who know how to play chess can figure it out. Those 
of you who don't here it is Queen can move anywhere king can do 
the same exept he can only move one space. Rook can move 
straight as many spaces as possible. And the Bishop can move 
diagonaly. Match the color with the color box and a small box will 
open in the middle of chess board. 

Life Bottle Locations 

Bottle 1: Dan's Crypt
Bottle 2: The Graveyard
Bottle 3: Hall Of Heros
Bottle 4: Hall Of Heros
Bottle 5: Scarecrow Fields
Bottle 6: Pools Of Antient Dead
Bottle 7: Hall Of Heros
Bottle 8: Time Machine 

Missing Cog 

To get the missing cog and start the corn harvester go through 
the level and kill whoever you want until you have enough for the 
cup of souls. Then go all the way to the last mechanical grinding 
device thing right before the end. Go all the way around and there 
is a small space go through it. There should be a gourd and the cog.
Then go back to the barn and use it on the harvester. You can now 
get the cup of souls for this level. 

Powerful Attack 

Instead of using the crossbow on bosses, try using the dagger. 
Charge it up with SQUARE and fire, while the enemy is attacking 
or doing his little moves. It does a fair amount of damage, and 
uses very little ammo and money. 

Secret Area 

After you have received the club, hammer, or Daring Dash attack 
return to Dan's crypt. If you look carefully at the wall in the room 
in which you start, you should find a weak wall. Break it to 
discover a secret area. 

Secret Area 2 

As you enter the graveyard, you would cross a bridge which 
collapses. If you look at the river you'll notice some coffins 
floating downstream. Jump on one and it will carry you to 
a secret area. 

Secret Area 3 

This area is found at the pools of the ancient dead. Go to the level, 
and when you come to the gate with the red hand beside it, where 
you would put the chaos rune, look to the side. You will see a litte 
island off to the side. It has gold, a life bottle and a few energy vials. 

Shadow Demon Talisman 

Go to the enchanted forest and get the green key. (It's in the bird's 
nest.) Then go to the green door and open it. Go across the 
mushrooms and kill everything. Go up to the door and use the 
Shadow Artifact. Go down into the place. Once there the combination 
for the doors is: fire, spiral, water, tree.

You'll get the talisman and let the Shadow Demons out. Now go to the 
place that electricutes you every time you try to go through. Go to 
the sign next to it,and use the talsmain. Go through and kill the flying 
things that attack you. Then you can end the level. 

Super Cheat Menu for the European Version 

Pause the game, then hold L2 and press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, 
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Left, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Circle, Left, 
Left, Triangle, Right, Circle, Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, Down, 
Circle, Circle, Right (TO TOOT LOUD ROLL TROLL TO DOOR.) 

Weapons and Who Has Them 

Canny Tim: Crossbow and Life Bottle
Stanyer: Hammer and 3 Gold Chests
Woden: Broad Sword and Some Gold Chests
Warrior Queen: Spear and 2 vials
Ravenhooves: Longbow, Flaming Longbow, Magic Longbow and Life Bottle
Sturnguard: Magic Shield
Bloodmonath: Axe and 3 gold chests
Dirk: Magic Sword
Dame Fortune: Lightning Blots

Witch's Talisman 

To get the witch's talsmain go to the level before the hilltop Moseleum. 
Get on the hill and fall into the spot that's blocked off. Kill the zombie's 
and open the box in it is a club break a rock with it and make for the 
other place with a rock blocking the door use your sword to kill the 
zombie's and break the rock with the club. Go in. A gargoyle will talk 
to you, listen if you want. Go into the next room and kill the zombies, 
break the book case with the club and read the book inside if you want. 
Star your club on fire and run up the stairs. Go to the middle of the 
next room and light the thing in the middle on fire by pressing the 
square button. The gates should open after killing all the zombies 
you can go in there cage places and get the stuff inside. Inside one 
is the witch's Talsmain. you can call the pumpkin witch and the witch 
in the Enchanted woods with this . 

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