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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Be the Bear 

Press left & square at the same time, press left & triangle at the same 
time, press left & circle at the same time, then press left & x at the 
same time. Every time you press left a the button you should hear a 
bell after you do all four you should hear a swoosh sound. 

Boxer Upgrade 

When making a boxer in "career mode" type in the name PSIRULES 
fight one match with him, then exit out of career mode. When you 
go back in to your career your man will be 7'5 and his power, 
strength, ans speed will all be 100.

Career Mode Instant Wins 

While fighting in career mode I found a way to always win no matter 
what. This isn`t a code but a flawless strategy. You must, however, 
knock the person down. At almost the same exact time as you knock 
the person out you press start and throw in the towel. Don`t worry, 
if you pressed start at the correct time the game will, instead of 
saying you threw in the towel, it will believe that the computer 
character threw in the towel. It will continue the count down, but 
at the end it will say that you won by TKO. 

Easy way to gain speed, stamina, and strength 

When you go to train your guy, pick the speed bag, or heavy bag 
and go into the match. Then, throw in the towel so it brings you 
back to the menu where you can choose the speed bag or the heavy 
bag. Keep repeating this process till everything is 99! 

Huge Heads 

Fight with big heads:

At the main menu press left and circle, left and triangle, left and 
square, left and x. A bell will sound if done correctly (This only 
works with created boxers). 

Regain Energy 

When you knock someone down press L1+L2+R1+R2+X at the same 
time, and keep hitting them. You should regain some of your energy. 

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