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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus characters 

Hold L1 at the character selection screen and choose a character. The 
hidden characters may be combined to form new teams.

Classic Art of Fighting Team

Robert Garcia (King of Fighters ’94)
Ryo Sakazaki (King of Fighters ’94)
Yuri Sakazaki (King of Fighters ’94)

Real Bout Fatal Fury Team

Andy Bogard (Real Bout 2)
Joe Higashi (Real Bout 2)
Terry Bogard (Real Bout 2)

Orochi New Faces Team

Orochi Yashiro Nanakase
Orochi Shermie
Orochi Chris

Single Entrants

Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters ’94)
Mai Shiranui (Real Bout)
Billy Kane (Real Bout)
Omega Rugal

Challenge Shingo Yabuki 

Satisfy any one of the following requirements to challenge Shingo:

Accumulate 100,000 points (or more) before knocking out the 
computer in round 3.

Accumulate 100,000 points (or more) before knocking out the 
computer in round 4. (Note: Round 4 KO must be “Perfect”).

Without losing a team member, defeat all CPU opponents from 
rounds 1 to 5. 

Fight as Omega Rugal 

Using Rugal, finish a one-player game at any difficulty. Save the game. 
Then load the saved game. At the character selection screen hold 
Start while selecting Rugal. 

Select stage 

At the “Order Select” screen, press Select. 

Unlimited Survival mode 

Highlight Survival mode option, then hold Start + Triangle and press Circle. 

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