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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Choose wining posture 

Before the victory pose has begins, press A, B or C. (Note: To choose 
the CPU victory pose, hold A, B or C on the idle controller.) 

Fight as Orochi 

Enable “Orochi characters” code. Then press L2 + R2 at the character 
selection screen in Versus or Practice modes. 

Fight as classic Kyo 

Highlight Kyo at the character selection screen and press Start + Triangle 
to fight as Kyo from King of Fighters ’94. 

Orochi characters 

Repeatedly press L1 + R1 at the character selection screen in any 
game mode. Orochi Lori, Orochi Leonna, Orochi Chris, Orochi Yashiro, 
Orochi Shermie will be selectable next to Shingo. 

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