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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Demo Select option 

Without losing a match, beat the game in Team Play mode at any difficulty.
Save the VS. Goenitz game. Demo Select is enabled in the Options menu.

(Note: You will only see the demos of teams you have beaten.) 

Disable Survivor mode 

Press Start on controller 2 at the “Mode Select” screen. 

Fight as bosses 

Hold Start and press Up + Circle, Right + Square, Left + X, Down + 
Triangle at the character selection screen in any mode. Chizuru 
Kagura and Goenitz will appear. 

Prevent power gauge from charging 

Set controls to “Simple”. When the opponent attempts to charge, move 
back while holding the Taunt button (L). Your character will start a taunt 
only to have it interrupted by another. This action rapidly depletes your 
challenger’s Power gauge. 

Run backwards 

Run towards your opponent. Then quickly tap Up/Back before returning 
to the forward position. If your timing is correct, the character will 
continue the forward animation, but move backward. 

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