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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Cheat Codes 

To activate a cheat, enter its code during the game.

Race at high speed -- L1 + Right, R1 + Down, Square, L1 + Triangle, R1 + 
Down, L1 + Left, Select 

TV camera -- Circle, L1 + Triangle, L1 + X, Triangle, R1 + Up 

Race as Granny 

To race as Granny, finish first in circuit mode at Pro
difficulty. This will also unlock planet x and the ramp park 

Stunt Mode 

To unlock stunt mode, collect all 10 track coins in circuit mode. 

Unlock "Turn Off Fixed Camera" Option 

Just finish first in novice circuit. Then when you go to trophies and look 
at the novice pin you can turn fixed camera on or off. 

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