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All Golfers and Courses 

To unlock all of golfers and courses:

Turn off PlayStation. 

Remove memory cards. 

Turn unit on, and hold the shoulder buttons on controller 2 (L1 + L2 + 
R1 + R2) before the “HotShots Golf” logo appears. 

As the logo bounces into the foreground, quickly press: Up (2), Down, 
Up, Left, Right (2), Left, Up (2), Down, Up, Left, Right (2), Left while 
still holding the shoulder buttons. 

(Note: The tee shot sound effect confirms correct entry.) 

Mirror Courses 

Highlight a course at the course selection screen, then hold L1 + L2 and press X. 

New Course 

If you get 50 points or more it will enable you to have a second course 
that you can choose. You can get points in almost any mode you play. 

Sound Test 

While playing with 2 or more players press the four "Shape" buttons on
the other controller and you will hear the game's sound, one for each button.

Switch Hitting 

When choosing a golfer, press L1 + R1 + X while choosing a golfer. This will 
change the golfer to opposite hand. 

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