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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Free Spinach Snack 

When Bonik's shop opens, you head to his shop. Check the barrell 
on the right side. Bonik will start talking. He will give you a free 
spinach snack.

Infinite Rubies 

On the island of Kerple, if you check the jar in the chief's house 
(on the right wall), you will find money. Every time you do this, 
you get 1 ruby. If you leave the game on overnight with a turbo 
controller, you can amass approxamately 1,000 rubies an hour. 

Super Bomb 

For this you need the livingtoy "WALKBOMB". When the WALKBOMB 
walks it charges up. So walk into a town or somewhere where you 
won't be attacked. Tape the foward button or analog joy stick up 
and aim the WALKBOMB so that he walks but stays facing a wall 
and doesn't move sideways. These are the results: In 10 
minutes: you get 2000 in distance, which is about 100 damage. 
In about an hour you get 6,000 damage.

Ultimate Living Toys and Super Spell 

To cast Legend of Lt you'll need Legend and peacemaker. To 
get legend return to Dr. Zeppeto with all 68 living toys and 
he'll give you Legend then dissappear. After that return to 
Orgo and spend the night at your house. When you wake up 
Nahani will tell you about something Knight and her found on 
the beach, Mr.Oneal will come out and tell you about the living 
toy peacemaker, Nahani will then find out that the junk was 
actually a living toy. Mr. Oneal will warn you but when Nahani 
asks you if you want to know say yes. Now take the new living 
toys to an extremly strong monster like Xisan and use Legend 
then use Peacemaker. if he survives Legend will cast LEGEND 
OF LT. Afterward you'll be complety healed and the enemy will 
be left with 1HP. 

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