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Event Synthesizer race

Earn the Super License to unlock the "Event Synthesizer" race in Gran
Turismo League.

Kiddie medal

The small green and yellow object on the status screen under licenses is a
license award given if you miss the bronze medal by .3 to .5 seconds. The
game is selective when awarding the medal and it may take several attempts
to earn one.

Motor Sports Land track

Obtain all of the licenses, including the Super License and the Motor Sports
Land track will become available in time trial mode on the arcade disc.

All tracks in arcade mode

Obtain all licenses in simulation mode on disc two, including the Super

FedEx car

Enter the Gran Turismo League race events until reaching the Pacific League
races. Then, enter the Midfield Raceway event to be awarded with a R*Nissan
300ZX GTS FedEx race car.

Mark Martin's NASCAR #6 Ford Taurus

To obtain this car you must first purchase a Ford Taurus and then perform
the Racing modification.

License test cars

To get the following cars, you must get all gold on the given license:

Gold B: Spoon S2000 (J)
Gold A: Dodge Concept Car (red)
Gold IC: 3000GT LM Edition
Gold IB: Del Sol LM Edition
Gold IA: FTO LM Edition
Gold S: Toyota GT-ONE Race Car '99

Ending credits

Win every race in Gran Turismo League to unlock the ending credits on the
arcade disc. Alternatively, finish in first place on all 21 tracks in arcade
mode on the professional difficulty setting.

Increasing number of days

To easily increase the number of days in the game, just go to a race. When
you are at the screen with the "Start Race" selection, go to "Exit" and your
days will increase by one.

Increasing completion percentage

Each time you win a race you will earn 4.5% towards your total completion of
the game.

Obtain licenses easier

At the main menu in simulation mode, go to the last selection (Transfer or
Communication). You can load your licenses from the original Gran Turismo

More laps in Max Speed Test

To make your high speed increase during this test, turn around and drive
backwards until you get your desired speed. Return to the correct direction
and finish the race.

More car indicator

When you want to buy a car and you are browsing, make sure you look in the
right hand corner of the screen. If an arrow points to the right, click on
it to see more cars. This also works with some special models. (Example:
Ford has four special models).

Finding cars

If you cannot find a certain car in the used car lot, check back in about 10
days or more. The car you are looking for may be available. For example, the
Mazda AZ-1 appears only on certain days in the lot.

Easy Rally Racing

Buy the ESCUDO Pikes Peak version and use it to compete in any of the Rally
Races to easily defeat your opponents.

Bonus cars and money

Buy a Mitsubishi 3000GT and enter it into the 4WD Race. After winning that
race you will receive a car that is great but only worth 125,000 credits. It
has great handling and speed.

First, get a fast car like a Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Version. Then, go to
the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test Course. If you win, you will
get 50,000 credits and a drag car that is worth 250,000 credits. You have to
defeat the drag car to obtain it. The drag car does not corner very well, so
take them slow.

Win the 4WD Challenge at Laguna Seca to receive a 618 hp custom car. Take
that car to the Tuned-Turbo Challenge and enter the Test-Track race. You
will win 50,000 credits and a car worth 30,000 credits for each 3-lap race
that is won. The secret to winning on the Test-Track is in the corners. Stay
smooth and off the walls/grass to pass the faster cars. Do not let them
block your car, and drive defensively once in the lead. You will also need
licenses to race.

Get a powerful and fast car, such as the Nissan Skyline GT-R Vspec (R34.J)
'99 and tune it to the max. Then, get an International A license. Go to
Special Events, go to Line Up 4, choose Tuned Turbo Car No.1 Race at the
Test Course. Finish in first place to get 50,000 credits and a Skyline that
is worth 30,000 credits. Repeat this until you win a 250,000 Mine's HKS 180
SX (racing modified). Repeat again until you win a 13,750 Mines Lancer V
(racing modified).

After wining all National races, race any of the Euro-Pacific races. Each
win will give you 10,000 credits plus a 250,000 credit car.

Buy a used Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32,J) '91. Completely outfit it with
all performance and handling upgrades (excluding "For Professionals Only"
items). Enter "Grand Touring Cup" and win first in Midfield Raceway (about 4
minutes). You will receive 30,000 credits plus a 250,000 credit Unisia Jecs
Skyline. Sell the car. Repeat this process four times to earn about
1,120,000 credits in under sixteen minutes.

Go to the "Muscle Car" event and enter the second race. Win this race to get
a car worth 75,000 credits and 8,000 prize credits.

Race the 30 lap endurance race. Win first place to get 150,000 credits and a
Supra race car worth 250,000 credits. A recommended car is the '91 Supra
Twin Turbo R outfitted with sports tires, sports brakes, sports suspension,
chip upgrade, stage 1 turbo, racing intercooler, racing exhaust, and stage 2
weight reduction. Note: The race will take approximately 50 minutes to

Go to the Gran Turismo All-Star League and win the Laguna Seca race. You
will receive 50,000 credits and the TVR Speed 12 which you can sell for
500,000 credits. Getting the GT One On-Road from Toyota and putting a stage
4 turbo on it is recommended.

Race all of your licenses until you get all gold and a FTO LM. Take it to
the Gran Turismo All-Star League. Race the Red Rock Valley twice and sell
the car you win to end up with 1.1 million credits.

Acquire credits quickly 

Win a GT League, Rally or Special Event. Then sell the bonus 
car and race the circuit again. 

Arcade Mode Ending Credits 

Win all 23 forward courses in Arcade mode at Hard difficulty. 

Bypass license exams 

Load a memory card containing Gran Turismo license data. 

Gran Turismo licenses (B Class, A Class and International-A) 
will fulfill similarly named license requirements in Gran Turismo 2. 

Event Synthesizer 

Earn the Super License to unlock the “Event Synthesizer” 
in GT League. 

Reverse courses in Arcade mode 

Win a forward course in Arcade mode at Hard difficulty. 

Simulation Mode Ending Credits 

Win the GT World League trophy. 

Super License award 

Get the gold rating on all Super License tests to unlock the 
Toyota GT-ONE Racecar. 

Unlock S-Class cars in Arcade mode 

Pass the first 5 license tests (B, A, International-C, International-B, 
and International-A) in Simulation mode to unlock the Super Sports 
car class in Arcade mode. 

Unlock the Super License 

Earn all licenses (A, B, International-C, International-B, International-A) 
to unlock the Super License. 

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