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Bonus Car and Track 

Start a race in Hong Kong, level 5. Race until you hit the dirt road, 
then continue until you see the bridge. Slowly drive across the 
bridge, then immediately turn to the right. Next, drive BENEATH 
the bridge to reveal a gold medallion and access to the bonus car 
and track. 

Extra Levels 

There are several hidden levels in this game. Follow these 
instructions to find them: 

Easter Island 2:

Start the race with any team. After you go through the lava tunnels 
you will come to a "S" curve in a jungle area. At the end of the "S" 
curve go to the right off the track and on to the grass just before 
the red and white road block. Follow the grass to a small beach. At 
the end of the beach you will find a gold object. Run over it and it will 
take you to an EXTRA LEVEL where you will race Easter Island in a Rally Car. 

Egypt 1:

Pick any racing team, then start the race. Drive over 3 wooden bridges, 
after 3rd start to slow down. On your right you will see an old EGYPTIAN 
BUILDING, find a way up to it (Drive along the edge of the sand). Once up 
there drive all the way around this building. There will be a squared 
shaped object (GOLD in colour). Run over it and you will enter the 

Hong Kong 5:

Start the race with any team. When you get to the dirt road, go to 
the second bridge. Go under the bridge and you will find a gold object. 
Run over the gold object and it will take you to an EXTRA LEVEL where 
you will race Hong Kong in a Dakar Car. 

Moscow 1:

Pick the all red team (AHMED). If you come in first you'll go to 
MOSCOW 2. Then keep same team and start second level. It's now 
raining. Start race almost to the end of the race you will see a BIG 
JUMP. Hit the jump while moving to the left. IF YOU MISS, TURN 
AROUND AND DO IT AGAIN. You have to jump the guardrail. Once this 
is done you will see a BUILDING with lots of windows. There is a lane 
on each side of this building. Go down the left side and you will see 
the a GOLD object. Run over it to access an extra level. 

Moscow 2:

Behind the railing on the right just next to the ramp (use the ramp 
to get over the railing). 

Scotland 3:

Start the race with any team. As you head toward the dark, forested 
part of the track, climb the slanted rocks on the right side just before 
the forest starts. Climb above the road into the woods. Drive in the 
woods untill you get to the turn with the black and white backstop. Go 
behind the backstop and you will find a gold object. Run over the gold 
object and it will take you to an EXTRA LEVEL where you will race 
Scotland in a Dune Buggy. 

Switzerland 1:

Pick the all red team (AHMED). Race until you go through two tunnels, 
After the second tunnel you will see a bunch of cottages and people 
on your left. If you are going fast enough you should be able to jump 
over the shoulder of the road. Then all you have to do is look behind 
the cottages and find the GOLD object for the EXTRA LEVEL. 

Keep Racing after Crossing the Finish Line 

You must have it on any two-player race. One person must cross 
the finish line, and the other must turn around so the screen says 
"Turn Around." The other player that didn't cross the finish line has 
to go all the way back to the finish line and the screen still has to read 
"turn around." The player that didnt win now must push the winner past 
the finish line. The view will still be circling the winner. The winner 
cannot cross the finish line again unless he/she wants to get stuck. 

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