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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

5x multiplier 

Enter EXCREMENT as a player name. 

9,999,990 points 

Enter WEYHEY as a player name. 

99 lives 

Enter SATANLIVES as a player name. 

All cities 

Enter CHUFF as a player name. 

All cities (1 and 2) 

Enter TURF or INGLORIOUS as a player name. 

All cities (1 and 2) except Vince City 1 

Enter URGE as a player name. 

All weapons 

Enter GROOVY as a player name. 

Avoid Hitting Pedestrians 

Hate running over people and having the cops jump your back? Press 
the "special" button to honk the horn while in a car. This will slightly 
decrease the chance of running over a pedestrian. 

Car Bomb 

When you start out on a level steal a car, but don't pick a big 
one or else the trick will be harder. Then keep searching for a 
garage door kinda thing that has an X coming out from it. Enter 
that place and your car will be rigged or in other words bombed. 
Then stop the car somewhere and press the FIRE button your car 
will be armed so get out of it within about five seconds or you will 
BLOW up! This trick is useful for jobs, killing and collecting money.

Note: You MUST have at least $5,000 dollars or you will not be 
able to get your car rigged. 

Display coordinates 

Enter BLOWME as a player name. 

Easy Ambulance 

To get the Ambulance, kill somebody by running them over or 
shooting them. Then hide and wait for the ambulance to come and 
highjack it. Watch out for the cops, as they wiil be all over you for 
killing someone. Turn on the sirens by pushing the R2 button. Hold 
it down and it will make a different sound. 

Easy Guranga 

Go up to a group of Gurangas, or the groups of people making noise 
and running around following each other. Now, don't shoot them, but 
instead beat up the person in the front. If you beat him up enough, 
they will start following you almost anywhere. It's a good way to get 
a guranga with a machine gun, flame thrower, or other high powered 
weapon of death. 

Easy Tank 

On the first city, access the second scene (Heist All Mighty.) When you 
start, run somebody over and wait for the ambulance to arrive. When it 
does, nick it and drive to the army base, drive in and you can nick the tank.

Note: This only works with an ambulance or a police car. 

Free Car Bombs 

In San Andreas, the bomb shop on the southeast end of the Golden Gate 
bridge will rig your car for free. Enter it before you do anything, and the 
guy will tell you that you don't have enough money. But then the car is 
rigged anyway! It might work on other shops but I haven't tried it. My 
personal use for this is to rig the car they start you off with, since it 
won't disappear when you leave it, and then get it when you want to 
use the car bomb. 

Game music 

Insert CD in an audio CD player to hear music tracks 2 and higher. 

Go Through Fences 

When you find a fence you want to go through go find a truck or 
van (something you crawl under instead of over when you press R1). 
Align the truck so it is parallel with the fence. Get out and crawl under 
the truck towards the fence, you should come up on the other side. 

Liberty City (1 and 2) 

Enter FECK as a player name. 

Liberty City (1 and 2) and San Andreas City 

Enter TVTAN as a player name. 

Maximum Wanted level 

Enter EATTHIS as a player name to set Wanted level to four. 

Multiple cheats 

The following codes enable multiple cheats.

Enter BASTARD as a player name for: 99 lives, 5x multiplier, all 
weapons, armor, display coordinates,select level, unlimited 
ammunition and a “Get out of Jail Free” card.

Enter GROOVY as a player name for all armor, unlimited ammunition 
and a Get Out Of Jail Free Card.

Enter HANGTHEDJ as a player name for all cities and weapons, lots 
of money and a parrot picture at the character selection screen.

Enter PECKINPAH as a player name for all weapons and armor and 
a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

Enter THESHIT as a player name for: 99 lives, 5x multiplier, all 
weapons and armor, select level, unlimited ammunition and a Get 
Out Of Jail Free card.

Select level 

Enter SKYBABIES as a player name to choose any level up to 
Mandarin Mayhem. 

Skip city 

Enter “WEYHEY” as a player name. 

Tank Location 

The Coordinates for the tank are 99,48 on the second part of 
the first city. 

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