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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Beat Final Boss Easily 

First you have to beat Ball, this can be easy or hard depending on 
your level. The easiest way is to have Rapp use Demon Ball twice then 
attack to save Sp, Fenna use Zapwhip then dragonzap then have her 
attack, Liete use all heal or symphony if your life is high and have 
Justin equipped with Spirit Sword and Ashura as Accessory. Then 
just attack to save SP. Attack Ball and ignore his partners. When 
you have done this go on the drop again to travel to the top floor. 
Get the items and use Liete spells to heal up then use an SP potion 
to heal your magic and the gold potions to heal Sp. Go to the hallway 
and engage in battle with Gaia. Use the same method but have Justin 
use Midair Cut. Don't use any thing with magic evolved or his last 
attack I do not know what it is because I did not need it. The 
Mega-Gaias should be your first target to keep them from producing 
more guys. Ignore the ones they produce because after you kill them 
they come back. After you kill the Mega-Gaias they die anyway. Take 
down both and then go after Gaia. Just attack because I was to fast 
for him and he did not hit me once. After he dies you have to beat 
his heart. He did not hit me once, all he used was cold and my guys 
were not effected. After this you beat the game. 

Beat the first Gaia 

To defeat the first Gaia you will need free experience. When Gadwin and 
Sue leave your party they leave experence in books. Use these books on 
Justin and Feena. Concentrate on attacking Gaia's body, not the arms. 
Once the body is gone the Gaia is destroyed. Use Midair Cut, Burnflare, 
Milda Kick, and Rapp's missle or discutter will finsh the Gaia quickly. 
Just to be on the safe side heal as much as possible.

Easy level up for water magic 

If you reach a save point don't recover right away. Take any character 
with water magic and spend all of their MP casting healing spells. This 
will give you Water magic experience points. Then step on the save 
point and recover. This way you can get water experience, but 
recover the mp right away.


Near the entrance to the Dio ruins there is a save point very close 
to a wall trap. Run into the trap and heal yourself with water magic 
as long as you like. You can get very high magic levels very quickly. 

Ganydemede strategies 

Use your strongest moves for about 10 turns and he's finshed.

Hidden Mission 

To access a bonus stage, go to the Zil Dessert on Disc 2. In the 
southern part of the desert, there should be a path in the canyon 
wall that leads to the castle of dreams. (If you still cannot find it, 
go south from the desserts exit alog the wall.) This area is just a 
place to gain exp and obtain the Lightning sword. 

Hidden Mission: Soldier Graveyard 

To access the hidden mission "Soldier Graveyard", you must enter 
the Zil Desert by way of Cafu (the real entrance). Once you are 
clear of the trees head right until you see a small brown building 
with massive doors. This building leads to the hidden mission...but 
the enemies there give very little experience, so this site is not as 
good for training as the "Dream Castle" or even the Zil Desert itself. 

Master Chang strategies 

You fight this battle in the Church of parm. To defeat Master Chang 
use Howl magic, V-slash, Puffy Kick, and Sue's water magic to keep 
you alive. 

Nana,Saki,and Mio strategies 

You fight these bosses in Garlyle Base. Use the same tactics for 
each girl. Use howlslash, W-break, Burnflame, Puffy kick and combos.
(Note Nana is weak against knifes, Saki is weak against a V-slash 
attack, and Mio is weak against everything.) 

Orc King strategies 

You fight this boss in Leck Mines. Kill the Orcs first. To defeat this 
menace use V-slash and Puffy kick. Watch out for his fire breath. 

Rock Bird strategies 

This is the boss you fight in Sult Ruins. To kill this quickly use 
Justin's V-slash and have Sue use Rah-Rah if nessasary. Attack 
with combos after Sp runs out. 

Squid King strategies 

This is the Boss you fight on the Ghost Ship. This is one of the hardest 
Bosses you will encounter. The only way you will win is the dis-honorable 
way. Use Feena's Flame attacks and Justin's V-slash and have Sue heal 
any time to any one who is not at maxium HP. (Note: You will die if you 
don't use Flame Magic. Also you get your first Mana Egg here, use it 
to get Sue some water spells.) 

Unlock code for the door 

Right, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Down, Up. 

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