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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

10 lives 

Press square,X,Circle,Circle,Triangle,Then square. You sould have 10 lives.
If you do it 10 times,You sould have 100 lives! 

Beat Evil Santa 

Wait until he throws a present and stand to the right or left of 
it and tail whack it to send it sailing back at him. Repeat three times. 

Cheat Codes 

To activate a cheat, pause the game and highlight Exit. Then hold L2 
while entering one of the cheats below.

3D camera - Up, Down, Up, Down, Select (2) 
Invincibility - Down, Up, Left (2), Triangle, Right, Down 
GEX one-liners - Down, Right, Left, Circle, Up, Right 

Debug Menu 

To activate debug menu, pause the game and highlight Exit. Then hold 
R2 while entering: Up, Circle, Right, Up, Left, Right, Down. (During game, 
push Select to view cheat menu.) 

Easy Remotes in Mission Control 

1st Remote: Go to the "Wreck Room" and beat all the obstacles.

2nd Remote: Go up the mountain to the left side of the TV that 
takes you to "The Pole". 

GexVault Codes 

In order to activate cheats, you must first open the GexVault. (The 
vault is unlocked when the player has beaten the four secret stages: 
Mission Control, Lake Flacid, Slappy Valley, and Funky Town.)

10 extra lives -- Square, X, Circle (2), Triangle, Circle 
1 extra life -- Triangle, Circle, Star, Square (2), X 
8 Hit Paws -- Square, Diamond, Triangle (2), Star, Diamond 
Debug menu -- Square (2), Diamond, Circle, X, X 
(During game, push Select to view cheat menu.) 
Invincibility -- Square, Star, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Diamond 
Level select -- Square, Circle (2), Triangle, X, X (During game, 
push Select to choose a level.) 
Play as Alfred the turtle -- Square, X, Triangle, Square, Star (2) 
Play as Cuz the gray dinosaur -- Square, Diamond, Square (2), 
Triangle, Diamond 
Play as Rex the red dinosaur -- Square, Star (2), Square, Triangle (2) 
Gex one-liners - Square, Triangle, X, Star, Square, X 
(During game, push Select to hear lines.) 
GEX video I (Gangster)-- Circle, Triangle, Square, Star, Diamond, Star 
GEX video II (Western) -- Diamond, Star, Square, X, Triangle, Circle 
GEX video III (Army) -- X, Diamond, Star, Triangle (2), Circle 
GEX videos (I  III) -- Star, X (2), Circle, Square, Triangle 

Play as DracuGex 

To play as DracuGex in Mission Control, go to Clueless. Up the stairs, 
on the left-hand side, there is picture of DracuGex. Gaze upon it using 
the Triangle button. (If you are staring intently enough, Rez should laugh.)

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