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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003


Beat a chracter in story mode to know their Background story by 
going into the extra option in Option menu. (e.g if you beat 
Danzaiver in stroy mode, you will know his biography) This will also 
enable the gallery mode to enjoy some nice rough sketch of the artists. 

Congratulations Mode 

Beat all modes with all characters, then go to the OPTIONS menu, 
choose "Extra" and select "Congratulations". You will see a special 
scene of all characters making speeches about their success. 

Extra Costumes 

To get the extra costumes for any character, beat the game with 
that character. For instence if you beat the game with Danzaiver 
you get his extra costume in the vs mode or the 1 player battle mode. 

Gallery Option 

Beat the "Story Mode" with any character.Then go to the options 
screen.Look for the word EXTRA. Select it and you will see Gallery. 

Play as Boss and Hidden Stage 

To play as boss and access the hidden stage, beat the game with 3 
different characters in story mode. 

Play as Ihadurca 

To be play as Ihadurca, beat Story Mode with any two characters, 
then beat it again with Setsuna. Ihadurca will appear on the 
character selection screen. 

Voice Collection 

To open the Voice Collection beat Story mode with any characters 
on the hardest difficulty level. Once you beat it with that character 
you will be able to hear all of that characters voices. Beat it with all 
the characters to hear the other characters voices. 

Winning Postures and Poses 

Each character you beat in story mode will earn you 7 new postures. 

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