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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

All Weapons 

While playing, hold Select and press L1, Square, Triangle, Square, 
Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Triangle. 

Full Ammo 

While playing, hold Select and press L1, X, Square, Triangle, 
Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, X. 

Full Health 

While playing, hold Select and press L1, Triangle, X, X, Circle, X, 
Triangle, Square, Square. 


While playing, hold Select and press L1, Circle, Circle, Square, 
Circle, Triangle, X, X, Circle. 


Level             Passwords

Chemical Factory  S,O,X,O,T,T,X,X,O,S,X,S
Rooftops          X,T,S,O,S,X,T,O,T,T,T,T
Jupiter Station   T,X,T,S,O,O,X,O,X,T,S,S
Triton            X,O,T,O,S,T,X,X,S,O,O,T
Mars              O,X,O,T,X,X,S,O,O,X,T,X
Antarctica        S,O,X,T,T,O,S,T,X,T,S,T
IO                O,S,O,X,T,T,X,O,X,T,X,X
Reactor           S,X,O,O,T,X,X,S,O,T,O,O
Orbiting Habitat  S,O,X,X,S,X,T,O,S,O,T,S
Dream             T,T,X,X,O,O,T,T,T,S,S,O
Prison            O,S,T,O,X,O,S,T,X,X,O,S
Fortress          T,T,X,S,T,T,O,X,O,S,X,O

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