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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003

Bonus Game 

It seems the miners liked to play Asteroids on their breaks. Buried 
within the VOS system you'll find a variation of this classic shooter. 
To find it, go to any VOS terminal and enter the Communications 
area. Select Local Communications and, when you see the message 
regarding the option being unavailable, press Triangle. 

Outsmart the Game 

When you get to the control room install the software and adjust 
the parameters so the turrets work right.  Then when your done 
head back down to admin. level 6 and head outside the main door 
that has the red tyron sybol on it. Then head to the right and there 
should be three doors, one on the right and two on the left. Head to 
the very last door on the left. On the VOS and lock the door which 
you came into.Now wait for the aliens to come in the area. Then 
when there near they'll try to go in but can't. Then they'll go in the 
other room and go near the wall. You then have to wait for the other 
aliens to enter, then lock the door when all six are in. Then when 
there in you did it! You can do whatever you want now that there stuck.

NOTE: When the VOS warns you about the aliens ignore it the game 
only lets 6 intruders in the station. 

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