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Books: Playstation Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003


All Characters to Rank 3 from In the load/save in the game where you 
can put in passwords for players ranks, go to player 1 and put the 
cursor near dayton. Enter "feng" in the box. All players will have their 
best rank. 


Name           Level 2   Level 3

Dayton         SIER      ETER
Delara         PHAN      KING
Demonica       GONE      WORL
Exene          SPHE      WING
Gorm           CHAM      MARV
Sid            ODTH      BATM
Sonork         PLAY      CHRO
Yenji          SPID      STAR

View All Endings 

To view everybody's endings enter the code TTAM and password screen 
for the person who's ending you want to see. You also get to see the 
access codes to be used in Criticom 2.

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